Ceramic coating automobiles.

Discussion in 'General' started by zamboiv, May 17, 2019.

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    They did? I thought it's always been do as I say not as I do.... :D
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    You're welcome, glad to be back. :moon:
  3. GarrettRick

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    Is this stuff like perma plate ? I used to sell cars and perma plate was a huge f&i thing ... I assumed the ceramic coating was the same hocus pocus . I just got a new truck and wouldnt be opposed to it but I feel like it’s such a scam .... I plan on doing a full wrap in the next few months anyways .
  4. zamboiv

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    From what I understand it won’t protect against paint chips but it is the cats pajamas for washing and not having bird poop, etc etc paint. But it has to be done right.
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  5. Venom51

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    If you want true paint protection...cover the car in Xpel. If you want a super slick surface that will reject contaminates the ceramic coat it. If you want both wrap the car then ceramic coat the wrap. That 4 to 6 microns the ceramic coating creates can't protect as well as the 200 microns of a film. Neither protect from everything. I high velocity impact can breach the films.
  6. knedragon29

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    Check out Autogeek.net for diy stuff , I use the Pinnacle Black label kit and their car wash soap. Good stuff.
  7. sdiver

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    I self applied Opti Gloss Coat on the wheels and use Opti No Rinse for washing. Have XPEL for impact protection. Also, low dust brake pads. Would recommend all 4.

    For a new home and work garaged vehicle, just felt full pro ceramic was going overboard. Maybe in a couple of years will do it in combination with full paint correction, since prep is 75%+ of the work.
  8. bikerydr

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    I'm in SoCal, and have a 997tt that I need the Xpel replaced, plus some rock chip paint repairs on the hood. Which product and shop did you end up with for the Macan?
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    do you have DI water station? A friend of mine that does high end detailing has a setup at his house that he can fill a transport tank with a gas powered washer... its the cats meow for "quick" rinses. Zero water spots even in the blazing sun. I want to say its $50/month for the subscription and service.
    Also has a cool air/degreaser atomizer thats the sheet for dispensing with greasy, filth messes like around a counter shaft area or dirty engines. I couldnt believe how effortless it made cleaning my bike. The exhaust even came out looking factory new.
  10. YamahaRick

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    I didn't even know people wrapped their cars in clear wrap.

    Then again, as expensive as cars are today, I can see the justification. Just not for someone like me that drives a 2012 Camry or a 1996 Explorer.
  11. Banditracer

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    Or for anybody that lives where we have winter/salt. Unless you can spray it underneath and seal all the salt out. Like that would ever happen. :crackup:
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    Ultimate shield.com

    I didn’t realize it but this is my brother-in-laws, brother-in-law who I know pretty well so I’m gonna take it to him.

    I didn’t realize he was in the industry until my brother-in-law told me. He’s a big dirt bike guy as well.
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    No... never even heard of that. :cool:

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