CB350 Stuff for Sale!

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by bullockcm, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. bullockcm

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    I have most of 3 CB350 bikes for sale as well as a bunch of parts.

    Bike 1 runs and I have ridden it around some the last few years. Just had the cylinders honed and installed new rings, the cylinders had glazed and it was pressurizing the crankcase. Bike has tapered steering bearings and CB750 forks & triples. Decent shape Kenda Sport Challenger tires and Hagon shocks.

    Frame 2 is just a stock beat rolling chassis with a CB450 front end, nothing else done.

    Frame 3 has been de-tabbed, sand blasted, and painted silver. Tapered bearings in the steering head, CB550F front end, and the swingarm bushings were checked ok.

    Other stuff: 1 parts engine, 1 engine which was in Bike #1 for awhile, ran well, had 135psi compression on both cylinders but was taken out of the bike due to a couple oil leaks. I know I have a CB450 drum brake, new cam chain, new brake cable, and a gasket set. I also have all the carbs, electrics, side covers, stock front ends, and what ever else from the 3 bikes. I also have several tanks(fit various Honda bikes from the 70's) and seats.

    I know I have a transferable registration for Bike #1 since it is on the road, I don't believe either of the other 2 came with paperwork.

    Everything is located in Jasper NY, zip is 14855.

    Price = $600 obo (which means someone take this stuff for $500:D))
  2. MidTNJasonF

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    Nice deal but too far away from me to take advantage of.
  3. kenessex

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    Texy might want it. He wants everything.


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