Cannonball Run- new record

Discussion in 'General' started by Gino230, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

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  2. mikek

    mikek Well-Known Member

    thanks for the link to The Story.
  3. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    That’s some next level preparedness.
    “Some silver passenger vehicle” :D

    nothing like the good ol’ hop in and floor it no more.
  4. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    Impressive level of planning and discipline for sure. Not my thing but respect to them.
  5. GarrettRick

    GarrettRick Well-Known Member

    Its impressive for sure- thats gotta be a mental drain . Stressed about cops and/ or an arrest for 24 hrs straight, constantly on the lookout .... someone will break it again in the next yr or 2.
  6. Exactly. I want to see a meth head break the record.
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  7. GarrettRick

    GarrettRick Well-Known Member

    Who’s to say meth wasn’t already involved
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  8. 83BSA

    83BSA Well-Known Member

    "We never went over 175 mph."
    Dan Gurney

    Inaugural Cannonball Run with Brock Yates


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  9. True :) risky to do that these days as a lot of states aren’t playing around but seems like they were as “safe” as possible
  10. Wingnut

    Wingnut Well-Known Member

    I've done about a dozen Phoenix to NYC drives. Back in 2002 my friend and I did NYC to AZ in about 34 hours and we thought we were flying.
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  11. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    I’ve done 100 miles in 1h on a bike back in Germany , with 3/4 of it being Autobahn - on a Friday afternoon.

    Even though in a car, I cannot imagine why you would want to do that for 27h, with all the illegality involved
  12. speedluvn

    speedluvn Man card Issuer

    Really Phil? That’s the allure for some people
  13. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    BS. That ain't the record. The official comes from a preplanned event and you sure as shit don't get to leave at 1am.
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  14. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    yeah, but maybe I’m getting old and don’t think I have to prove shit to either myself or others
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  15. GixxerJohn011

    GixxerJohn011 Well-Known Member

    I thought in the few actual Cannonball Runs you drew for start times, first and best was midnight?

    My problem is with all of the spotters. Spotter or not, hell even if you had a police escort, averaging 103 mph for 27 hours across the country is absolutely insane. I wonder if the original runs had spotters?
  16. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    Not only no, but Hell No. And, on top of that, the police knew you were coming. This trickery shit of leaving when you want at the slowest travel time of the year is BS.
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  17. GarrettRick

    GarrettRick Well-Known Member

    The spotter game would
    Be quite a bit different using only radios not cellular - range compresses quickly in triple digits

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