CA to get new gov.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Richard Lesher, Jul 24, 2003.

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    what do you think about the loophole where the Lt. Gov. can just keep the gov. job and not let the people vote for anyone else?????? It would be political suicide, but I can see a democrat doing that, and finding some way to blame it on the right....
  3. Richard Lesher

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    Re: Re: CA to get new gov.

    From what I have read I don't think the Lt Gov is too egar to be Gov, especially that way. It seems the Lt Gov is trying to be involved in this the least he can. Could you imagine the legal mess it would be if he did that as well.

    It is going to be a free for all. With less than 100 signitures and $3500 pretty much ANYONE!!!!!!!!! can be put on the ballot. Hell, if I was a wash in money I'd put my name on the ballot, who knows. How many times would I get a chance to run for Gov :D
    Then I could put that on my resume (I ran for CA Gov)

    But I think as for the democrats are concerned who ever runs will be sort of an outcast in the party. The wierd thing is the ballot will have two questions
    1) Do you want Davis to stay
    2) if No, who among the below list should be Gov.

    Imagine how long that list will be given the ease it takes to get on it. There could be like a hundred of them. And then who ever actyally did win could very well be a minority choice given there are so many choices.
  4. TSC_113

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    I heard that Larry Flynt of Hustler fame is going to run.. :eek:
  5. Joe Morris

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    My bet is that Davis wins again. I don't know squat about California politics but I'm betting the same voters that came to the polls in November will be there for the recall vote. What I don't like is that the recall vote can be called by petition. Does a petition mean more than a statewide vote held 9 months ago? Getting signatures in front of Walmart is a far cry from getting people to the polls. Say it at the polls or shut the hell up and wait for the next election! How much money will the state stand to lose in this process?

    This is just non-sense! I hate to think of the ramifications of a recall vote successfully ousting a seated governor elected within the same year.
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  6. Dave K

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    Yeap, along with Jack Grisham (from TSOL) and 3 million other people. It's gonna be a free-for-all.
  7. mtk

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    I think it's fantastic myself. How else do you get rid of a mistake you put in office? Ride out his term and hope he doesn't screw stuff up too bad?

    Davis isn't automatically out as it stands. He's just got to prove, again, to the electorate that he deserves more than an express ticket to the retirement village.
  8. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    like you guys already know ....two weeks until complete anarchy!!!

    Arnold is in!! Gary Coleman!!

    If Arnold gets in..think of the great sound bites...
  9. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Who cares? Jack Grisham, vocalist for ledgendary punk band TSOL is also running.
    Anyone who belts out a song titled "Abolish Government" (and classics like "Code Blue" and "Wash Away") has my vote. :D
  10. WeaselBob

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    Saw old arnold in closeup w/o makeup on the news, he's had so many face lifts he resembles joan collins or joan rivers. anyone remember the heavy blush reagan wore? looked like a drag queen :D
  11. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    damn...yamabob...that was funny...he so incredibly pumped you know!!

    this one is for davek...jack grisham's cabinet...

  12. TXFZ1

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    Remember when Nixon didn't wear make-up on the telle debate and got his butt kicked by JFR?

  13. Robert

    Robert Flies all green 'n buzzin

    If he wins hopefully the "Governator" will have lots of good script err, speech writers. Or maybe he can get Jay Leno to host all his press conferences? :D
  14. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    so Richard I bet you want to throw you TV set out the window....
    first recall hysteria, second the Kobe Bryant case. :Puke:

    the real question is there a legitimate repulican running?? :Poke:

    I think Joe's right, voters had the right in Nov. to get Davis out of office.

    To keep up with the circus freak theme...hope these people run.

    Henry Rollins - Black Flag.
    Mike Ness - Social D.
    Anna Nicole
  15. Richard Lesher

    Richard Lesher Well-Known Member

    well, lately and over the last election Davis played political poker. He campained heavy in the primaries against Rigordan the former mayor of LA a moderate Republican. This resulted in the conservative republican winning the primary. Davis would have a better chance in CA against a further right opponent. So come november Davis greatly out spent his further right republican competition and barely beat him.

    now he will be up against a more moderate republican. he's toast.

    The reason I am so pissed off at him, is the energy thing. The guy is an economic moron. First of all he went out on a limb and did all the futures contracts himself. he did not let the legislature be involved. And he excluded the State Financial Controller to the details.

    He was constantly saying the energy companies were screwing us. I didn't believe him and first and blew his theories off. Well, it turned out he was right, andt he whole energy thing imploded.

    He would have been a total hero. If he just did NOTHING, and kept saying it was the energy companies stealing. Then he could have said I TOLD YOU SO.

    However, his actions did not follow his mouth. He said the engergy companies were screwing us, and the courts proved the energy compaines were screwing us. however, due to his economic brilliance he had engauged in futures contracts for $10 billion in the exact same companies he was saying were screwing us.

    Of course he wants the money back, of course it is tied up in the courts becasue this is a complete and seperate issue and transaction. The futures contracts were conducted under a different set of rules even though the energy companies were screwing us elsewhere.

    That fucking moron.

    I know what he was trying to do. He was trying to run for President. If he fixed the energy problem he would have been the hero of the hour. However, his actions did not follow his theories.

    So either he is a complete fucking moron
    He simply actually didnt know if the energy companies were screwing western markets, but he said so anyway because that was the good thing to say. He then proceeded to engauge in the contracts completely oblivious to the underhandedness of the energy industry.

    I am a Californian Republican. I think I would otherwise be a democrate further east of here. I am not a rightest as what the media plays the Republicans to be.

    Terminator seems to be coming off as a force to be reckoned with. He waited till his heavy democratic competition opted out (Senator Fienstine) . Simon is running (he is the Rupublican that ran against Davis in the election)

    But god damn, these democrats out here are freak'n morons.
    They fail to realize the math of the equation. IF there are 5 million candidates and 4,999,999 each get 1 note, and one guy gets 2 votes that guy will be Gov.

    Too many liberals are running and FEW heavy republicans are running, just Terminator and Simon. Issa is out. The democrats lost the scape goat. They attacked the hell out of him in the recall process, they were all lined up to defeat him. Now he is gone. There is no cabndidate to attack on the republican side. They are out of ammo, and running out of time.

    I imagine the media doesn't already know anything more about Arnold than they already do. Being who he is his life has already been nitpicked to death. They got NOTHING on him.

    So I think I will vote Arnold.
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  16. Dave K

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  17. guerrilla

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    That's different from your normal democrat how?
  18. Johnny B

    Johnny B Cone Rights Activist

    My favorite candidate: Mary Carey!

    For those of you who crave moral values, there's Father Guido Sarducci on the ballot, too! :D

    And then you have Gary Coleman, Angelyne, etc., etc.

    Hell, Davis can act normal and bring in Dick Morris so he can steal the election like he did in Russia....(scared the crap out of the voters, convincing them to keep Yeltsin, who had lower numbers than Davis!)
  19. Knarf Legna

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  20. ZebProctor1

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    it's california, they like to be different.... then complain when that difference turns their state into shit....

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