C12 vs MRX02

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by tz250racer, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. tz250racer

    tz250racer Active Member

    Cost aside, has anyone used these two fuels and have any jetting difference information they could pass along with maybe an opinion of a performance difference? Thanks
  2. gpracer15

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  3. tz250racer

    tz250racer Active Member

    Thanks, yes I have heard about 2-3 sizes up for the old MR8. Was hoping someone had used C12 and MRX02 and had some experience with those back to back. All VP told me was that MRX02 was a lower octane than what MR8 was, but that it was the substitute.
  4. Toadmeister00

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    I have run a lot of MRXO2 through both a KTM 65 and 105 on kart tracks. I bumped the main up 2 sizes and the pilot up one size on both bikes when switching from C12 to the MRX.

    There was a definite seat of the pants boost in power between C12 and MRX, both bikes were crisper and more aggressive when coming on the pipe. Unfortunately, I don't have any back-to-back dyno numbers between them to see any real differences.

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