C-12 or Sunoco Supreme 112

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Algonquin, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Algonquin

    Algonquin VRRA and DOCC no.92

    So since I resist change until others run the risks I want to get some understanding is Sunoco Supreme 112 leaded the equal of VP C-12 leaded for mixing premix for 125GP engines? Spec sheet numbers all look fine but real-world experience tells all. Although VP fuels are good the C-12 is getting difficulter and difficulter to source up here but that Sunoco is a bit less costly and much easier to source. Thanks
  2. NOLAracer

    NOLAracer Well-Known Member

    I would try 100LL avgas if you can get it...half the price of both with very little performance difference.
  3. mattology

    mattology Well-Known Member

    I too recommend 100LL aviation fuel. it's super consistent across all brands, it's available at almost every regional airport ever, in every state, it has an incredible shelf life, and the price is right.
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  4. Algonquin

    Algonquin VRRA and DOCC no.92

    My friend and I are running 100LL at our favourite track 20 corners this week. Thanks for replies!
  5. 50Joe

    50Joe Registered User

    2-strokes like leaded fuels. It's an added lubricant. I always ran Sunoco 110 leaded race fuel and my engines liked it. I could buy it locally for about $6/gallon back around 2013. Hard to beat at that price.
  6. 021torch

    021torch Well-Known Member

    How far off will the jetting be from running C12 to 100LL
  7. NOLAracer

    NOLAracer Well-Known Member

    I've always used the same jetting for both c12 and 100LL in my 250.
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  8. erock768

    erock768 Well-Known Member

    I ran 100LL avgas for years in my TZ250 and RS125. Its a great fuel. I've ran Sunoco standard 110 and Maximal 116, and VP C12.

    I never went faster on the more expensive stuff. 100LL avgas is good stuff. I did like the throttle response and the burn of sunoco maximal, but it wasn't worth even .5 second a lap.
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  9. galloway840

    galloway840 Well-Known Member

    Lap times don't lie, but how could you tell a difference in throttle response with no effect on lap times?

    I've run Sunoco Standard, VP C12, and Turbo Blue. They all make me go equally fast (or not)...
  10. mattology

    mattology Well-Known Member

    remember, with 100LL avgas, on the rich side it behaves like 130 octane fuel, but on the lean side it behaves like 100 octane fuel. So depending on your compression ratio, pipe, etc etc etc, you may get a much different engine behavior depending on how rich or lean you run it.

    on the pipe, my engine seems to enjoy 13.3-13.5 : 1 air fuel on 100LL.
  11. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

    Years ago I always used C-12 as I could get from my local speed shop. But since I go to Summit mainly I think they have Sunoco Standard available and years ago I thought about switching so I didn't have to bring C-12 to the track or buy 5 gallon drums.

    So you can literally go to your local airport (Dulles) and get 100LL?
  12. jksoft

    jksoft Well-Known Member

    It would probably be a lot less hassle to find a smaller, local airport. Even the small airstrips around here have a pump with AvGas. This site has an airport finder where you can select what kind of fuel you need: https://www.airnav.com/airports/search.html
  13. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

    Thanks man. Looks like Manassas regional is pretty close and not too bad price wise. Have to check the price of the C12 these days for comparison.
  14. galloway840

    galloway840 Well-Known Member

    Last C12 I bought was $75 for a five gallon drum, before taxes, which brought it to near $80. So, about $15+/gallon. The Turbo Blue near me is usually around $7.50-$8.0/gallon.
  15. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

    Manassas airport 100LL is $5.79
  16. mattology

    mattology Well-Known Member

    i just paid 3.80/gallon for 20 gallons of 100LL... so i'm pretty happy
  17. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    for what its worth I ran C12 and MR8 back in 2002 with Motul 800 2t, never had a probelm
  18. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    I just paid $90 for each 5 gallon container of C12.

    Might try this aviation fuel
  19. grendels_arm

    grendels_arm Sam Green Eggs and Ham

    Maybe "Blue Sky" will be a good alternative.
  20. cyclox

    cyclox moving chicane specialist

    I've been using Sunoco 110 leaded for the past 8 years or so without an issue. Usually around $9/gallon and available at most of the tracks I've been to.
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