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  1. I wanted to post my experience in titling my 749R. I bought this bike from a reputable member of this site who was liquidating his collection. This gave me a confidence that the bike was not stolen. I also ran a carfax and it came back clean. The bike had seemingly passed through several owners so there was no indication of which owner had the title.

    When I purchased the bike I was sure to get a notarized Bill of Sale and a statement from the owner of how he came into possession of the bike and why he did not have the title.

    Next I contacted a lawyer who specialized in automotive law. The process was straight forward. He assisted me in motioning the Courts for a declaration of ownership and legally obtaining a certificate of title. This is barring any type of theft in the vehicle’s past or another “owner” stepping in and challenging ownership interest.

    The lawyer found the last title holder for the bike, it was the original buyer of the motorcycle in 2006, bought in Arizona (I'm in PA). The title holder is then served the civil suit and can challenge ownership interest. Judgement was found in my favor giving me legal ownership of the bike.

    I forward the judgement to the DOT with a few other forms, pay the sales tax, and a week later I had my title and plate.

    A vehicle sold without a title is a vehicle sold with questions. This does not absolutely mean that the vehicle can never again be titled. However, it underscores the need for exercising due diligence throughout the transaction.

    Your results may vary of course. :)


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    Nice! Im in a similar situation with my '99 R6. I ran the VIN before buying it to confirm it wasn't stolen,but it was also a racebike from the get-go apparently and has passed through a few peoples hands without a title. Now that I need to sell it,I wanted to get the title work done before hand for the next guy.
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    for obvious reasons I wont give a "play by play" but there are other legal ways in which to obtain one without the need for a suit filing or an attorney. The process varies by State. But that said... going rate these days is <$500 to title a clean VIN frame. By clean I mean no leins or judgement orders.
    Best recommendation is to perform the due dillegence prior to handing over any monies.
    Also NEVER advertise you do not have title for any vehicle. (tip given to me by local PD)
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    Yep, I titled one through an agency that routes it through Vermont or Maine. If I recall I paid $60, but this was 15 years ago. I respect the process that the OP went through, but I believe it's much simpler than that.
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    Beautiful bike.
  6. notbostrom

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    A no title bike isn't always stolen but a stolen bike is always missing the title.
    Congrats on getting it done but a bonded title would have accomplished essentially the same thing for a couple hundred bucks. Curious what your process cost?
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    While I agree with buying a brand me with
  8. I looked into this before I purchased the bike; this is only possible for bikes >15 years old.
  9. Attorney fees were ~$800. Considering the "no title discount", it was worth it.
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    I'm MI last time I had to do it I needed a Surety Bond and that was that. Pretty simple.
  11. rd400racer

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    You are correct. It was an old XS650.
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    English please o_O
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    I've got to figure out how to title our Zuma with no MSO. Original owner which helps but figure it'll be a pain anyway.
  14. bored&stroked

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    The only time I'd buy a bike without title is for parts bike price. Not real, rideable bike price.
    Sure, title can be had, but its a process that can be stopped or highly impeded if a previous owner wants to make life difficult for you. Not worth it when there are so many other bikes out there. And if there isen't and its rare, the WTF is wrong with the people not doing the paperwork to make sure its legit? Just doesn't make sense.
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    Fixed.... oops sorry for the caps...
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    Funny thing... FL got tired of issuing duplicate titles and the fallout from fraud plus rampant OHV thefts, now they have the "E title" option. No printed paper needed.
    If you have multiple vehicles... its really easy to keep track of them on the States registration portal.
    Can go to any DMV office and do the sale transaction during business hours if youre selling or buying.

    The State has been titling OHV since 2006 and Im amazed at how ignorant folks are when you ask "Hey... does the 2015 dirtbike/quad/side x side youre selling for $xxxxx have a title?" They usually answer "Um its an off road vehicle you dont ride it on the street or need a tag" :rolleyes:
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    I saw a beatup race bike that had just been purchased from a racer out of state. No title, but came w bill of sale that matched the sticky VIN on side of frame.
    Sloppy spray bomb paint job on the frame, made me suspect and i look at the steering neck. engraved #'s GONE! Dude got F'd.
    Be careful and look at steering head VIN, not just sticky VIN.
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  18. bored&stroked

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    My buddies replacement frame from the dealer for his 2010 cbr1000RR came with only a sticker, no headstamp vin.
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  19. rd49

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    The only problem with the e-titles is when you finally leave the god forsaken state you need the paper titles, which they now charge you for. EAD Florida.
  20. NemesisR6

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    For a whopping $2.50 and a $2.00 processing fee, and it arrives within a few days.
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