Buyer Beware: Frank Babuska Sr

Discussion in 'General' started by Ducti89, May 21, 2016.

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    You could start by answering: if not 3000, then how much?
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  3. worthless

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    And that's what it looked like after he took posession of it in October and was retrieved 9 months later, after you gave him $2870, after he repeatedly told you repairs were complete, after he lost your trailer tag (still has me scratching my head...was he using your trailer without permission?), after he mounted 2 tires, after his son gave you $100, and after he asked you for a $200 loan?
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    That was 2 days (I believe) after I was told to keep it and finish it , yep took forever . I'll Never deny that but I also took on too much work at once and between my real job , all the side jobs and pretty much being laid up for 3-4 months due to a car accident shit happens but don't let all the facts be known
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    That was months after you told me it was finished "except for paint".

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    All plausible, except the court records indicate funds were advanced prior to this. If the work wasn't completed, why weren't the funds returned?
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    Whatever I'm driving , I'll blame swipe to text

    Don't tell super cop
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    Shit if the trucking industry could get their hands on the gearbox in this thread they'd save billions in fuel mileage. It's got like 35 forwards and 15 splitters.
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    Hookers and blow , it's got a really nice steering damper on it tho so let's knock the cost of that off of that "claimed" number
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    So your landlord paid an attorney to initiate an eviction action after you had already moved out of the house? What was it that one of those mistaken judges said? Something about logic and common sense?
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    So if not $3000, then how much. Chad?
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    Ding Ding!
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    Great thread, its really interesting to read some of JustaNobody aka Stalemate27 earlier comments about "how he would have handled the babuska situation" after seeing the posts/court documents about how lied and stole from a former friend.
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  14. Robby-Bobby

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    Here, I'm gonna try another way. Perhaps in not speaking the correct language.

    entonces si no $ 3000, ¿cuánto era Chad?
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    I think it is time for the next advancement in transmission technology. The CVT. Infinite gears!
  16. Robby-Bobby

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    Maybe Chinese? Chad?

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    Ohhh some seat belt tickets , almost forgot those

    Still not wearing one right now while posting this

    Such a hardened criminal , FTP
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  19. JustaNobody

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    I don't speak Chinese sorry
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    You shouldn’t text and drive. It’s illegal in many states.

    Don’t want you to get in trouble with the law.
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