Built Gen5 ZX10R, Race Ready, ATL Ga

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by APO2112, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. APO2112

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    2016 ZX10R ~2700 miles

    KWS SS (thin HG, valve job etc, cam timing)
    KIT ECU with 93oct/VP110 maps (3 different ETV's settings and 2 EBC maps loaded)
    207hp/84tq on VP110
    Woodcraft Case Covers
    AiM MXK10 Dash (new this year)
    Zeta Race Clutch Perch
    Hindle Full Exhaust
    MWR WSBK Filter
    EK 3D chain (new, never ridden)
    Multiple Sprockets

    Ktech DDS Pro Shock 110NM spring (refreshed this year)
    Heavily modified forks (extended 20mm, Ohlins spring conv, revalve by TSE, refreshed this year GMD Computrack)
    Ohlins Race SCU
    KIT Swingarm pivot insert (0mm installed, comes with 1mm set as well)
    KIT Steering Collers (23 degree installed, comes with 4mm offset and stock)
    RCS17 MC
    Galfer SBK rotors (one TD on them)
    SBU LW rear rotor
    CoreMoto brake lines
    Woodcraft Axle Slider
    Woodcraft Frame Sliders
    Woodcraft Clipons
    Woodcraft Rearsets
    Woodcraft Spool rear stand
    ZeroGravity Double Bubble
    Painted Race bodywork
    Zeta Barends
    Zeta Aeroflight levers

    Come with (2) new Pirelli Diablo slicks (SC1/SC3) and (2) unopen cans of MR12 purchased this year from Livengood Motorsports.

    Asking $11,000 located 40mins from Road Atlanta and willing to deliver to local tracks (Barber, Tally, Road ATL and *possibly Jennings or Roabling Road)
  2. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    Forgot to add there is an SE Composites Tank Shroud too.
  3. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

  4. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Damn sweet ass machine there..GLWTS
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  5. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    Holiday bump ;)
  6. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    Hump day!
  7. trey

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    How do u like that dash?
  8. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    It really brings this bike into the 21st century. Having the data is a bonus...
  9. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    To the top!
  10. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    up up up!
  11. unclejesse

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    I'll buy those slicks at barber next month.
    Free bump
  12. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    I'd rather keep everything together if possible. Thanks though!
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  13. zebt66

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    Message sent.


    Quickshifter? Autoblip?
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    AFORREST4 Well-Known Member

    Those come with the Kit ECU so I assume so.
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    Ok wasn't sure. Thanks
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  17. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    Yes both are on the bike and work fine.

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  18. APO2112

    APO2112 Well-Known Member

    This is the bike fully functioning with all parts listed.


    Interested. How long since motor was built? Im near Chicago. How far north would you be willing to drive, if at all to meet?
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  20. WingLeaner

    WingLeaner The Medium Labowski

    Nice setup GLWS!
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