Brand New MOTO-D Dual Temp Tire Warmers

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  1. MOTO-D

    MOTO-D Trackday Junkie

    Includes 2-Year Warranty and Free Shipping.

    MOTO-D uses Carbon Wire which heats hotter than others 185'F @ only 750 watts per pair.

    Heat stay inside the warmer vs. coming out the top like others due to Thermal Reflective Liner.

    Why buy used and have a hassle?

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  2. MOTO-D

    MOTO-D Trackday Junkie

    Tire Warmers are a form of insurance - for you and the bike, so ask yourself how will you know if a used set from a guy on the internet or a cheap set of ebay are really worth it?

    To many times we have seen "used a few times really clean" look like this when we test them:


    MOTO-D PRO-Series Tire Warmers use Carbon Wire Technology so they are more durable than brittle copper wire based tire warmers which degrade from the first use and kink.

    With MOTO-D Tire Warmers a Foil Thermal Liner keeps the Heat IN to maintain 185'F edge-edge and towards the rim.

    MOTO-D's comes in a zippered Carry Case with a 2-Year "No Hassle" Warranty + Accidental Coverage Protection.

    For more info visit

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