Brake force measurements

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  1. Is anyone familiar with how data acquisition systems acquire percent brake usage? For example:
    shows brake usage in a linear display. Do they use accelerometers, and if so how does it distinguish from engine braking and braking via rotors.

    Would it be possible to add a pressure transducer inline with the brake lines, or attach a force transducer to the brake cable?

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    I THINK it is a pressure tranducer in one or both of the caliper banjos.
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    It's an in line hydraulic pressure sensor. Info goes to a transducer & fed to the D/A ECM.
  4. What are some retail brands that use this system?
  5. And any idea typically what PSI is exerted in the lines?
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    2d is system Moto 2 uses. It has multiple channels for a variety of sensors.
    It is a pressure sensor. There is usually a funny t shaped fitting up by the master. Line out from master is normal pathway but passes through t fitting. Simple 10x1.0 banjo bolt looking sensor screws into t fitting. I don't remember the working pressure but I can find out if you still need it.
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    No idea what is typical but on the little 400 the max I used at Road A was 218 psi headed down into turn 10.

    I would expect the higher HP bikes with faster riders to be using more.
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    Great info I was wondering the same thing.
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    XT GPX Pro is the way to go!

    The XT GPX Pro is capable of providing this data (awesome unit I must say). However, the difficulty is obtaining a pressure sensor and then fitting the sensor to brake lines.

    XT has some pressure sensors available with a 1/8 NPT fitting. I'm lucky enough to have someone help me get the sensor fitted to lines as he is working with an AMA team that will utilize this set on their bikes. Lucky me they're running R6s just like me:D.

    Currently I have the GPX set up to provide brake on/off, so the force data will really help. True lie detector!

    This is certainly a great discussion; however wouldn't it be more appropriate to hold this in the Tech section to help others should they search in there?

    Good luck in your search Colin
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    That's not that hard either. If you use a single line setup GP style brakeline that is a single banjo at the master then splits down at the calipers you have a simple problem to solve. Go to a double banjo at the master. Use a short 8 to 10 inch brake line with and AN fitting on the end. You'll need and AN to NPT adapter then the pressure transducer. Nothing difficult.

  12. Thanks for the info guys, only problem is all of the electrical components for a live display is something like 8 bucks, and the pressure sensor is $80. Kinda blows my budget build.

    Yes please. :)
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    These are plug and play with the Starlane lap timers/data system

    If you have a Stealth 3 or Athon XS, you can add an expansion box to get more data.
    The expansion boxes have a 3 axis accelerometer you can infer braking data from, or you can add the pressure sensor.

    (and about 200 psi sound about right for typical braking pressure.)

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    any thread leak issues with NPT thread?
    Venom - who built your custom line ?

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