Bombshell: Possible WERA rule change.

Discussion in 'General' started by Dave K, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    your name is PILOT?

    because mine surely ain't Arlen Ness
  2. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    Thats a lame rule. I was not aware of it and rocked my name on my leathers all season this year. Its so when I pass the white plates they think it was an expert? Haha. Wont be an issue next season but I think its silly.
  3. shakazulu12

    shakazulu12 Well-Known Member

    @sbk1198 will surely be along shortly to ruin this thread too.:crackup:
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  4. 5axis

    5axis Well-Known Member

    I'm just glad they were not required for experts. ;)
  5. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    I might could see names required for endurance teams.
    I can not see it being disallowed due to skill level. Is not the rider also a sponsor of their riding program?
  6. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    You'll have to email WERA and file a petition if you don't want penalized for next year. I mean I know you went all out and changed your signature, would suck to start off 2019 on the wrong foot.
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  7. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    Petition for what? I already applied for my expert license for 2019.
  8. ScottyRock155

    ScottyRock155 A T-Rex going RAWR!

    If you ran your name this year as a novice and are bumping to expert you can try to file the petition but they'll probably make you change your leathers to reflect the change of status.
  9. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    I see. Is this something they will inform me of? I crashed at GNF anyways and most likely need a new set of leathers anyways.
  10. shakazulu12

    shakazulu12 Well-Known Member

    @Mongo has been known to make exceptions if you went to a prominent university.
  11. mpusch

    mpusch Well-Known Member

    If you can find where it details the naming requirements for leathers in the rulebook, you'll have your answer.
  12. 05Yamabomber

    05Yamabomber Dammit Haga

    You got me. read the whole rule book. Funny.
  13. shakazulu12

    shakazulu12 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, the mob wasn't satisfied after Broome found out about race 2.
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