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Discussion in 'General' started by chadspaint, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    WhyTF does china bodies f-ing put kevlar in their bodywork? It ends up being a shattered piece of china basicly w the kevlar holding it all together. Just enough so some brain scientist will say "looks fixable" ! " Can/t ya "JUST" fix it ". Lol ! The kevlar ends up being this furry chit that you have to burn off w a frickin' torch ! When you try to fix the chit ! . Lol . Just a little fire in the shop . No prob :crackup:
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  2. crazywolf450r

    crazywolf450r Well-Known Member

    Preach it brother!
  3. speedluvn

    speedluvn Man card Issuer

  4. A.R.K.

    A.R.K. Well-Known Member

    Its not the Kevlar :) it does a great job when used correctly and not just a selling point. Look at the up side you have all the pieces :)
  5. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

  6. speedluvn

    speedluvn Man card Issuer

    You work fast!
  7. lee955i

    lee955i The Traveling Gnome

    Egads! I had one of those Fieldsheer suits about a zillion years ago in blue! Actually, really liked it :D
    Cheers, Lee S.
  8. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    Still got mine. I got deal on these leathers is why I wore them. They still look about the same except they are coverd w dead bugs and tire rubber etc. Oh 1 spot on top of the right knee where I was off the bike in turn 2 at willow. bars almost on the lock etc. Somehow I ended up back on it on track. Loved that track
  9. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    I still run the bodywork that is on thus bike on my other bike. It was repainted on 03 to strait black. shit still looks like it has only been painted a month. Air tech, They still make parts . just not current. Carbon reinforced edges strait glass. Valvoline used to run this stuff. you could get stuck w a heavy set. but this set isn't. I does not fall apart like most of todays crap bodywork. :D

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