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Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by jewcati, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. jewcati

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    I bought this bike from a fellow forum member, it is a 1997 rs125.

    Can anyone ID this bodywork?


    I think it looks like the A kit bodywork, but I don’t know if the bike has the A kit, or what that means.

    Could it be later years bodywork?

    Just trying to figure out what to order for replacements

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  2. peterleduc

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    Yes, that is “A-kit” stuff from a later model. There’s nothing special about it other than the fact that it was modeled after the 04+ bodywork and it’s wider than stock. For grown humans with shoulders, it’s much better to hide behind than the skinny stock stuff.

    As for replacement parts... good luck. An 04+ lower section may work with it but if you destroy the upper, it’s going to be hard to find. Ask IanE (European Guy) to find you a replacement if so.

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  3. SpeedWerks Racing

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  4. Algonquin

    Algonquin VRRA and DOCC no.92

    I like dealing with Sebimoto the only caveat is shipping costs are spiralling upward, certainly an issue for us in Canader.

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