Beto for president?

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by sheepofblue, Jan 2, 2019.

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    The burglary arrest is not so good, but it was 24 years ago. If there wasn't a conviction, not sure how to classify this. Young people do some stupid stuff and without a conviction, it really could mean anything.
    I am not holding a DUI from 21 years ago against anyone if they don't repeat the offense.
    So a complaint? Do you know how easy it is to have a complaint opened against you? This isn't worth putting on the chart. If there were a stack of complaints or if there were findings or wrong doing to go with this one, then you would have something.
    The illegal stock purchase goes to corruption and we have more than enough of that inside the Beltway, no need to add more.
    First time running for statewide office, easy to make a mistake. I would want to know more details.

    My summary: Not good, but probably not as bad as the graphic makes it seem. Still enough there to probably agree with the last line.
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    He’s such a tool. Just listening to what he is saying here in Iowa. Just a bunch of crap.
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    Oh I pretty much agree. Although it does show a pattern of irresponsible behavior then you couple it with his lecturing of others and it just gets to be a bit much. The guys a supreme flake.
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    CNN scheduled a townhall debate with Beto and Cruz, Cruz backed out as he had back-to-back debates. CNN went ahead with the scheduled townhall. Dikeman (the other candidate) filed saying CNN was donating $10million to Beto by giving a free townhall TV time. CNN told Dikeman, he wasn't a real candidate.
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    His father was a powerful judge, he got some other stuff taken care of too. Supposedly a sheriff stopped him [ Beto ] and found a condom full of coke, daddy told him[cop] to destroy the evidence which he did. It got found out about and the cop lost his job over it.
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    I've admittedly paid exactly zero attention to who this guy is until a few minutes ago.

    So he's like another Shawn King/Rachel Dolezal? White (Irish) guy pretending to be Mexican?
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    He's a bullshitter, just like this loser. Fairly wealthy too.

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    Pretty much. He is a rich party boy with a rapsheet. He doesn't have a political platform, he just repeats whatever the other leftists say. Here is a great pic of him in a dress. president material?

    Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.12.53 PM.png
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    His bumper stickers are still readily found on Pruises (priii?) around DFW. Yard signs are still out in a couple of yards.

    I like it when idiots self-identify.
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    WTF is will all the additions that connect to the "Barn"....
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    Who wants to walk outside to go to a barn? Duh. That’s for the poor people.
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    guest pussy.
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    that barn (basset ball court) is where he and brak played. heard he dunked on brak and that's when ed's career went to shit.
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    Good points but there does seem to be a pattern of pushing the limits at a minimum. The stock stuff is kind of scary as DC is a sewer for that anyway.
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    Pretty funny the peeps that are making fun of his past when OMB has a eidt: cloudy past as well.
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    And got elected anyways. :Poke:
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    You could also use the criteria that Beto's history of lawmaking vs OMB. OMB had none and Beto's only bill to passed was to name a courthouse. Beto really has contributed to society vs the Trump's org.

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