Best ways to look for an engineering job statewide?

Discussion in 'General' started by pashlit, May 22, 2014.

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    Hmmm I was in GDL 2 years ago in July for about a week, it does seem like a nice place to live, can't beat the weather.
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    nsa or cellular
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    Don't miss the chance to enjoy one of the more pleasurable experiences. Go to Rutgers placement office and check out the firms coming to interview new grads. The only problem is that it may be too late for this Spring. It is sort of like getting recruited out of high school, a bunch of people wanting you to choose them. Its a reward for all your hard work. Good luck and congratulations.
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    I'm an EE with 10+ years experience. worked as a system architect / Power Engineer / digital Engineer. if your starting fresh I would just shoot for bay area. I get many emails from recruiters from companies there and a lot of my ex coworkers have taken big pay increases to be moved out there it is undoubtedly the hot spot. If I didn't have a great corporate job where I get away with murder and consult on the side for an interesting startup I would focus on getting a job there.

    Linked in has been very good to me, two jobs off there. Network, go to job fairs. It really is all about networking but you have the degree so you should be able to get an interview. However a lot of the freashouts I interview lately have impressive internships and master degrees. Create a profile and apply on all the big company websites like Intel Qualcomm apple etc.. if you know someone at the company have them put your resume on the hiring managers desk. I've applied to several jobs at a company with no response then have been introduced to somebody that works there and they take my resume and submitt it bam called the next week.
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    I'm an Instrument/Electrical Tech, working in the Power Utility industry. When conditions got scary at my last employer, I googled states with no state income tax, googled power companies in those states, and simply applied online. Within a week I had completed a telephone interview or two. Within a month I had been invited to interview and test for four different power companies. All the travel was on their dime. That was Jan/Feb, and I have been working for this new company since March 31. I had military and industry experience, you have a degree. You should be able to find a job in no time. I made my own resume in 30 min, paid no one to headhunt or help, and did not use any of the job sites. Electrical jobs are out there. Good luck. Wyoming and South Dakota are hot spots in the energy/power industry.
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    If you are remotely interested in the power industry you can work for pretty much any utility company by just applying on their websites. I don't think I've ever seen a utility not hiring entry level engineers almost year round.

    I had offers from CA to VA for utilities or consulting. If you can relocate and with your resume you pretty much can pick any job you want.
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    Noo, I cant corner low now. I have not seen a track in more than 3 years since when I went back to college. Most of my track gear was sold also back then. I am happy I was able to at least keep my bike. Hope to get back to all that stuff once I land a decent job. I feel like I have just been released from prison and see the taste of life again :wow:
    What you do in Guadalajara sounds good. The weather is probably awesome. I love Mexican food also. But is it the place most ADV riders try to avoid when doing their trans America trips? Kidnapping, drugs, all that stuff.... I dont speak a word in Spanish either. How do you guys communicate?
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