Bazzaz, Stacks, PCIII for CBR600RR, GP Pro gloves and S1000RR Clipons for sale...

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by SetUpSixRR, Aug 13, 2017.

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    I have a Bazzaz ZFI fuel management system for a 2007+ CBR600RR for sale, and i'll include the secondary map switch. I installed it in July, ran it on the dyno and put a tune in it then i uninstalled it a week later and my tuner decided to go a different route. So the thing is practically brand new. I paid over $300 for it plus shipping and i'll sell it for $225 shipped.

    I've also got a set of aftermarket stainless steel velocity stacks for the same bike. I bought two sets to compare them on the dyno and then keep whichever set made more power but they both made nearly the exact same (0.2hp apart) amount so i have no use for a second set. I paid $300 for these. Selling for $250 shipped.

    I've also got a PCIII for the same bike which i believe crapped out on me, not 100% sure though. The lights don't work on it anymore and i haven't bothered looking into it. Might be an easy fix, might just be a burnt out light. $40 if someone wants it or if it doesn't sell by the end of September i'll look into it and keep it for my backup bike.

    Alpinestars GP-Pro gloves red/white/black in size L - $300+tax brand new, still in the bag. I'd like to get $250 for these shipped.

    BMW S1000RR Vortex Clipons 55mm with 7 degree angle to them and includes bars - brand new in box i decided to go with a different brand but i bought these in a panic thinking i had wrecked my stock ones but i didn't - $100 shipped

    Texting me is best 780-257-9388
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    bro sick wheelie... free bump
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    Gloves sold
    PCIII sold

    New piece to add - Hinson Slipper clutch for 2007+ Honda CBR 600RR - it was used and then i bought a new base plate from Hinson because it had some wear and i wanted it to be good as new. After i bought the new plate i only had it installed for the last round of the season and then over winter it was removed and i went a different route so its in very good shape. Text me for pictures. I'll even include a lightly used stack of OEM steels and friction plates. $700 shipped

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