Bandit XR71 Replica

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by riversbikes, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. riversbikes

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    A fun build...
    Ear splitting muffler has been replaced with a new Vance and Hines muffler off of ebay. Wheels will be replaced with some Galespeeds I bought from Japan. Debating on whether I should paint the tank or not. Its a 1996 Bandit 1200, with Mikuni carbs. Bought it as a writeoff (cosmetic damage only) for $700 Canadian. GSXR1100 forks, custom rear subframe, Penske shock. Makes a whopping 112 HP and 88 foot pounds on the only dyno in my province. It's and "XR71" because that's when I was born...
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  2. 418

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  3. 83BSA

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    Nice. Don't paint the tank gives it more of a period race look.


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  4. superdino

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    I did lots of track riding on a Bandit 1200, so crazy, so fun! This one looks extremely bad-ass with the killah front end swap.
  5. loser

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    I love, and want the SuperMono Decal.
  6. boyoboy

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    cool ride @riversbikes
    may I ask what bike the front fairing is from?
  7. riversbikes

    riversbikes Well-Known Member

    Front fairing is from an 88 gsxr 750. Filled in the side air intakes because I have nothing to "intake" to...
  8. tzrboy

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    Very cool oil head!

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