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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by bullockcm, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    I am having some trouble dating one set of Avon race tires. I have 3 sets, 1 from 2003 and one from 2005, both sets have the DOT stamp and use the 4 digit date code. The 3rd set which I believed to be about the same age as the 2005 tires are not DOT stamped and have the following codes, E054 & X074, which I think are 3 digit codes.

    I find it hard to believe the tires are left over from 1994??? I purchased them from a private seller in 2006 and they said they were less than a year old. The seller did live near Canada. Is it possible these could be Canadian tires? Would they lack the DOT stamp and still use the 3 digit date code?
  2. joec

    joec brace yourself

    full race tires are not dot legal. thats why your avons dont have a dot stamping.
  3. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    Joe, that is not correct. The other 2 sets of "full race tires" with the 4 digit code are DOT stamped but also have the not for road use disclaimer. It is the 3rd set of "full race tires" that doesn't have the DOT stamp but does have what I am guessing is a 3 digit date code.

    All 3 sets are the 90/90-18 AM20 & 110/80-18 AM22 combo.
  4. joec

    joec brace yourself

    ok, so.....i have the same question too. since i have the same exact situation. i have dot and non dot stamped ones. maybe its a compound thing? i thought that was the difference. so.......sorry.
  5. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    I don't think it is the compound, I think all mine are the same but I will go back and double check.

    Basically I can't believe these tires are left from 1994, I used them on the track in 2007 and they were fine.

    Joe are you going to mention Chris M using 8 year old tires now ;)?
  6. joec

    joec brace yourself

    haha.....if he can win on them, id assume the rest of us can just amke it around the track! by the way, he said hes leaving them on for next year. he took a couple of 4ths at mosport with those 9 year old tires! first honda to finish both classes. i think i heard stan used to run take offs too.

    i was guessing about the compound codes.
  7. Yamaha179

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    We sell Avon tires and I can't keep up with the tire codes! One was a four digit code that involved the week number and year (first two digits was the week number and the second two the year). 2206 was the 22nd week of 2006. Three digits with a delta sign indicated the 1990s. Then there is the current listing that even Avon Tech Reps don't know. They do put them on the "Not For Highway Use" tires as well as the DOT approved tires. Call Avon Tech Services (800) 624-7470 and ask for help. They are in Edmonds, WA.
    Lyn Garland
  8. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    Thanks Lyn, it sounds like I may have tires from 1994. Maybe I can claim that is why Chris M beat me, his tires were only 7 years old at the time......

    I will call Avon tomorrow to verify.

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