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    But it also made her relevant again earning her big bucks in titty bars across the nation. Not too many times in history has the general public been able to personally view a pair of titties that a president has (allegedly) fondled.
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    I scanned the article. Looks like he co-drove others cars...is he related to Art?
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    an Old school WERA guy went to college w/ him......says he was always flashy/$/cocky, says he hasnt changed a bit
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    I have no clue. But I thought the article says he was a car collector. He's got to have at least one yellow one
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    You're probably going have to change that to "had" in a few months :D
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    How he funded the race team...

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    He'd be in the pink if he'd only made that "donation" to the Clinton Foundation... ;)
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    So does that get him disbarred, or an 'attaboy' from the ABA?
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    Disbarred, for being caught not for the act itself.

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