Anyone know who makes this laptimer holder

Discussion in 'Tech' started by Havoc, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Havoc

    Havoc Well-Known Member

    Saw this bike in the f/s a while back but lost the thread. Anyone know who makes this holder or was it custom made?

  2. SV650R


    All custom look...

    You need a 1/6"inch aluminum piece...

    As for tools:

    • A die Grinder with a cutting wheel...
    • A drill with a sharp drill bit...
    • A metal file...
    It should take about 1/2 hour to make one....


    PS: Thanks for the idea!!!
  3. dansvs

    dansvs Active Member

    Looks like just what I need for my lap timer. Just bought it. Out-grew my hour-glass last season
  4. nobill1398

    nobill1398 K7 GSX-R1000

    I'll pay somebody a fair price if they make one of these brackets for me. Just let me know who's willing.
  5. SV650R


    I was going to buy some aluminum and try to make something...

    Let me see how my bracket goes and I may make a second one...


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