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Anybody gonna go see Motley crew and Poison ?

Discussion in 'General' started by chadspaint, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    Yeah "rotating drum kit" some local rock 105 girl Ashley is gonna ride on with him. Poison is gonna be cool too. Can't wait. Show is tonight. Wondering if I am makin to big a deal out of this. Main floor and all.
  2. socalrider

    socalrider pathetic and rude

    local rock girl ashlee is pretty hot. hopefully they go upside down, top falls off, or something along those lines. :D
  3. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    I bet you assley is on there for 20 seconds tops
  4. SmokeSignalRT

    SmokeSignalRT Fat Member

    Saw them in the late 80's that was enough :D
  5. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    Just like all the morons coming in here to say how much it sucks right :D
  6. H8R

    H8R Bansgivings in process

    Have a great time Chad!

    They suck BTW.

  7. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    Thanks ! According to you.. What in life doesn't suck besides Brian :D
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2011
  8. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

  9. H8R

    H8R Bansgivings in process

    6ft Swami's with no one out.

    Leucadia Pizzeria delivery.

    Brian doesn't suck...he blows. :D
  10. chadspaint

    chadspaint Well-Known Member

    6' Barrels at D (I actually surf)

    Over 500 orders at Luecadia

    Motley Crue was the best Fucking concert . Let me rephrase. Change my name I don't care, Motley Crue is what all your jaxk asses bands think they might be some day. But never will. It was my Fave concert for sure. Better than the Flotsam and Jetsam deal I attended in 92 . And that night I brought a 6 foot blond and a 5'1" brunett home ! BiaTches. ( sorry Brian) :crackup:

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