Anti-Theft Trailer Locks

Discussion in 'General' started by jeffr1ey, May 16, 2014.

  1. jeffr1ey

    jeffr1ey Well-Known Member

    Any suggestions/recommendations on locking devices that prevent thieves from hitching up a trailer and rolling off with it?

    I'm going to be picking up a 6x12 this weekend, and I'll need to park it in the same parking lot as the community pool. Is there something out there that is pretty easy to take on and off, and will also do the job?

    Thanks in advanced. :beer:
  2. JeffroJ

    JeffroJ 3 Ninjas and a Mexican

    Take the wheels off.
  3. jeffr1ey

    jeffr1ey Well-Known Member

    ok, not the solution i was looking for..
  4. JeffroJ

    JeffroJ 3 Ninjas and a Mexican

    I'm serious. Had my trailer stolen.
  5. JeffroJ

    JeffroJ 3 Ninjas and a Mexican

    Oh, and it was in Mableton! :up:
  6. he's right jeff. ive had 2 trailers stolen. both had heavy duty tounge locks, chained wheels together and all that. if they want it, they're taking it. pay to store it in a gated/coded yard. especially where you're at. make sure you take everything out of it all the time.
  7. jeffr1ey

    jeffr1ey Well-Known Member

    did you have it locked up at all? excuse the dumb question.

    there is a guy right off oak dale that his a little trailer right in plain view. doesn't appear he has had any issues, but it looks like he has a boot on it or something like that.

    i may just need to find a local trailer storage place.
  8. jeffr1ey

    jeffr1ey Well-Known Member

    bastard thieves.. :down:

    alright, i'll look around for some local trailer storage places.. was hoping to avoid another monthly bill, but it should be too much and a good piece of mind.
  9. JeffroJ

    JeffroJ 3 Ninjas and a Mexican

    Had a tongue lock. It was kind of hidden from the street, so it wasn't like someone had an impulse steal.
  10. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    i pay $40 a month for storage.
    in and out with your code only... cameras everywhere. worth the $.

    still with trailer lock ...
  11. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    do you live in an apartment complex? Taking the wheels off may not be an option then as it may be viewed as "abandoned" or "disabled" by the covenants or lease terms.

    Im not sure how far you want to go with making it difficult to access but with our tool trailers we sealed the biggest doors from the inside with 2x6s and carriage bolts. Then we put 3/4 plywood up the wall about 3' high on the side door so even if they did pry the side door open they would have a tough time climbing inside. The easiest way to get in is to cut through the exterior sheeting between the studs.

    Also no decals on the exterior helps eliminate "opportunists" looking for an easy score.
  12. jeffr1ey

    jeffr1ey Well-Known Member

    nah, it's not an apartment complex. it's a townhome community. i would agree, taking the wheels off would probably not be an option. they are pretty strict on appearance.
  13. 2blueYam

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    PATBAROK I <3 Poontang

  15. jeffr1ey

    jeffr1ey Well-Known Member

    cool. thanks guys!
  16. DWhyte91

    DWhyte91 Well-Known Member

    If your going to use a wheel lock/boot one that covers the lug nuts would be much better.
  17. dobr24

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  18. DWhyte91

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    This guy from the "don't shoot thread"

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  20. SpeedyTide

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    I use a hitch lock, pin lock, and always wrap & intertwine the chains tight around the frame & handle, then padlock them together in 2 different places.

    Also, I keep the front lowered all the way down.

    Anything you can do to make it a P.I.T.A. will help send them somewhere for something easier (unfortunately).

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