Another Kevin Cameron Classic...

Discussion in 'General' started by tzrider, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Thanks for the link.
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    I have had the privilege of hearing Kevin speak at the USCRA banquet every year for the past 23 years. This year's speech had some elements from the linked article.
    Here he is at the 2013 banquet, sportin' an "AAMRR WAS Road Racing" cap I gave him.

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    Good stuff.
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    Exellent article, rings true on SO many different levels...

    Ironically on the ride in to work this morning Rocket man starts playing on the Pandora station I’m listening to as I’m riding down a nice curvy road on My new old ZRX1200. Spent about a month looking for the next “right” bike for me and ended up with it back. It has carburators, a choke lever and the lean and rich problems associated with them, a tubular steel frame the flexes and weaves as I muscle it through the esses, suspension that has too little compression and too much rebound at times and conspires with the frame to tell you enough is enough. All of that stuff gives the bike personality, something most of the new bikes are lacking. Most all of them are too good to give the sensation of actually being ridden at anything resembling a reasonable pace on the street, instead you feel more like a passenger than a rider as wheelie control cuts in and Trac keeps the 200hp under control...

    I guess I’m really fortunate to have the oportunity to still do stuff a little bit old school, the Twins class allows us to actually build engines instead if computer strategies, or along with anyways.... Some of the bikes in class are developing Traction control strategies, we will leave all that up to the rider and his natural ability and focus on giving him a little more power, a lighter bike and better brakes than he had last year. We will load it up and father and son will take road trips to the races.
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    I think his humility also prevents him from making the next logical claim, whose chain would be as follows:

    1) Back in my day, we did things the old way
    2) Today you do things the new way
    3) Today (and tomorrow) I could do things the new way just as well or better than I used to do things the old way.

    The brilliance of the mind doesn't change, all that changes are the tools and techniques of the era.
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    Great article. The top levels of racing have become very corporate and squeaky clean, but the racing is good, the talent (no matter how they got there) is still incredible, and the technology has advanced. Such is progress.....but the spirit of what he talks about still lives on in the club racing world- for every high level team that shows up to race, theres 10 more "teams" out there doing paint jobs in their garage, swapping in junkyard engines, and sleeping in the parking lot so they can make it to work on Monday!
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    Meh... sounds like a bitter old dude. Things they are a changin' man :D
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    Get off my lawn!!!
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    "and the edges of the cheese cracked on the dry side and turning to Velveeta liquid on the side that had fallen into the meltwater at the bottom of the cooler."
    From an earlier speech entitled "Vans", he added " a whole new meaning to submarine sandwich."
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    The only other writer that would interest an/or amused me as much, and sometimes more, was Sam Fleming, from the Army of Darkness days....

    Last I read him (it's been a while) he had turned to a more 'corporate' writing style, unfortunately...

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