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Discussion in 'General' started by ekraft84, Jan 8, 2019.

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    trebuchet time?

    pitchfork at the ready
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    shit and fall in it.
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    I have a different opinion as to the reason for the delays and you yourself going dark and not following through with what you said you were going to do, but that argument really doesn't need to be had here, and I have no interest in it.

    As someone who actually sent $1274, and then comes on here saying it was $1500, and also as someone who got a very detailed response from me on Dec. 21st, explaining the unexpected and uncontrollable turn of events with my business, and I offered to send you your parts, already prepped for paint, or even offered to send them to another paint shop instead if you preferred, all on my dime, or that I'd be happy to finish the project with my best efforts as soon as I had the ability. You then responded back to that email, stating that you wished to continue the project and have me paint them, as long as it what done by Feb 15th. Now you come on here and state that you haven't heard from me since Aug 15th and can't get ahold of me? Yeah I've got a different name for you too...

    I'm not interested in a further public debate about this. You will get another email from me, with a fair option for yourself, and what you do from there is your choice and your problem.
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    To all of my great friends and clients on here, we will put out a press release and more detailed info in the near future. Long story short, yes we have closed down the main business for now, and all operations have been suspended for a few months now. This has been my life for the past 15 years, I've put my heart and soul, and unimaginable amounts of blood, sweat, and tears into it, and this has been a very difficult process, but it is for the best.

    I am in the process of putting together a new shop, completely re-tooled, that will be much smaller, and more focused, and hopefully able to take care of a smaller group of clients in a much better way. Everything about it will be better than before, but it will now part-time operation for the near future and likely beyond.

    Thank you to my clients / friends that have had such awesome things to say. Don't worry, the proper send-off will be coming...
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    The best in the business without a doubt. Fair winds and following seas, Andrew!



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    *** Sorry for the delays on all of this info. I have actually been incredibly sick with Pnuemonia for the past 4+ weeks. It started as a bad case of the flu, and I ended up in the ER 2 times, and completely bedridden for 2 weeks. I literally don't think I picked up my phone or touched a computer for almost 2.5 weeks. I am very slowly getting my feet and back up to speed, and will get back to everyone with info and the new plans as soon as I possibly can.
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    Where the hell has that dude been anyway? He usually posts when he’s out on the rig doesn’t he?
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    Rounding up idiots on Facebook
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    It's always a shame when such a amazing person and artist cant do what they love. Everything andrew has done for me has always been perfect and beautiful.

    Not that you need it cause no matter what you do you will work your ass of at but wishing you nothing but success in everything you do do.[​IMG]

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    I never got any paint work from you but I have always admired it...

    But have admired your Avatar more..... seriously good luck to you in the future!!
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    First off, I apologize for trashing you publicly, but I am at my wits end and your general lack of responsiveness has me completely frustrated. This is by far and away the most responsive you have been in the whole process. Therefore, I took the time to document our interactions. The texts and emails are direct quotes and I have no other record of any communications. There were a few voice mails that I left throughout the process, but I don’t know recall the times and dates, so I left them off the timeline below. I do agree that 1274 was the number in addition to the snorkel I had shipped to you as well.


    we talked on the phone and the next steps coming out of that conversation were:

    1. You were to generate a paypal invoice for body work and prep

    2. Me to pay said invoice

    3. You to order bodywork

    4. You to send me a mock up on designs

    5. Me to choose design and send tank
    You also stated you were very busy and to give you a couple of weeks on the design.

    8/15 email from you stating:

    I just put together an invoice for you, based on the Specific R1 Race Bodywork Parts we discussed. I sent that to you via PayPal. Let me know if you have any questions, or just take care of that at your convenience, and we can get the process in motion.

    From here, we can look further at some paint options, and figure out how to get the motorcycle looking as cool as it can.


    I pocked dialed you and you called me back while I was on a conference call I sent you to VM and told you it was a pocket dial

    8/15: I paid invoice

    8/21 I texted you:

    asking if you could remove the carbon cover off the tank because I didn’t like it but wanted to ride one more weekend with it. I also asked where and when I should ship the tank (as it was mid-season I didn’t want to miss any weekends, I should have been clearer on this)

    you responded:

    with and address but no dates or windows needed to paint the bike

    9/4 I texted:

    my next month’s riding schedule and asked if you could fit the painting in. Again, not wanting lose track time and I should have stated that

    9/10 I texted you:


    9/18 I texted you:

    any progress on the design

    10/2 I texted you “

    Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…

    10/27 I texted you:

    dude are you alive

    11/30 texted you:

    I see you’re selling shit on the forums, last attempt then I start reversing charges

    You responded:

    who is this

    I responded:

    my name, that I bought r1 body work from you in August and you were supposed to send me a design

    I texted:

    I had sent an email

    You responded:

    you knew who I was and you would respond via email very shortly

    I texted:

    I sent you 1275 on 8/15

    11/30 you texted:

    you’re driving a truck in traffic…. Expected to be back in front of computer sooner but haven’t been and you would respond back to me soon

    12/6 I texted you:


    12/15 I texted you:

    seriously, if you can’t do my body work just say so and I’ll go somewhere else, regardless I need to know what’s up this week and either get my shit shipped to me or a refund

    12/21 you sent me a good email explaining some things:

    Thank you very much for calling. I got your VM. This is the way I prefer to communicate, and would call you back, but literally cannot speak right now. I'm just coming off of 5 days of the Flu and strep, so I have no voice, so I wanted email real quick.

    I apologize if you feel slighted in any way. That certainly wasn't the intention, but I'm not sure why you didn't reach out via phone. That is how we originally did business, and the only realistic way I have at my disposal to keep in touch with important people. I am sorry to not be calling you on this ocassion, but I will as soon as I get healthy.

    I do have all of your New R1 Bodywork you purchased, as well as the snorkel from Emerson. My understanding from my notes on our last phone conversation, was that you were going to be ridding for a 4 - 6 more weeks from when you ordered the bodywork, and when you came up on a break, you were going to ship me a gas tank, and potentially do carbon cover, but weren't sure yet. I was just waiting on a call from you as to when you were ready to do it all up, assuming we weren't painting the bodywork and the tank separately.

    So at this point, things have gotten very complicated on my end. Long story short, I am effectively out of business as I once knew it. Very unexpectedly, my shop building was sold, and developer's legal team forced me out of my long-term lease. We effectively had to pack everything safely and spent the last month getting it all organized into storage, awaiting the next move. Right now, the plan is that the shop will re-open on a much smaller scale, making a more focused effort to better serve a smaller group of clients. I am realistically still 3 weeks away from starting to paint again, so I don't want to complicated matters with that timeline, but that is the news.

    All of your parts have been carefully sanded and smoothed all over, prepped for new paint. You are welcome to have them as they are, and enjoy the top quality prep work for free if you prefer to send them elsewhere for paint. If you'd like to have them painted, I'd love to do a world class job for you, but we just have to be able to work with the new adjusted timeline at this point.

    I'm glad to talk over the weekend if you are free and assuming my voice comes back, or email is cool if that is better for you.

    On 12/21 I responded to your email:

    Our last 2 way conversation left the ball in your court to come up with a design to share. I tried jump starting that by hitting you up for timing but never received responses. I have no problem moving forward with you I just don’t want to be the one that has to continually drive the process. My next outing will be the weekend of February 15th. If you think you can come up with a design and paint by then let’s move forward, otherwise we’ll have to re-evaluate next steps.

    At this point, 20 days later no response to this email. Then I see a bunch of people saying you’re starting a new job. While your last email to me hinted you were changing your business model it didn’t clearly state you were out of business which is what I inferred from the post above. Therefore, I flew off the handle and posted what I did, again, it was wrong of me to trash you publicly.

    I hope you can see I have continually tried to move this along and to me it feels like it’s a one-way street with occasional responses from you but no commitment. I wish you the best in your future endeavors, please take this as a leaning point, in the corporate world where I am very successful, timely clear and concise communication will take you a long way and keep you out of issues like this.
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    Bruh... can you read?
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    clear as shiny clear coat to me...
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    canispeaktothemanager.jpg Is there a manager around!?
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    No dog in this fight. Just want to point out that this probably secured your legacy and sealed your place in BBS history. Have you heard about the guy who went to a prominent university? He's still a legend around here, years after we last saw him.
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    No I am illiterate? Or at least use real words like brother. That’s a cheap shot but I thought it was ironic and funny!

    The statement say out of business as he knew it but reopening in another capacity. Not shuttering the doors. I am not claiming to be 100% right here, there is clearly a mea culpa but there’s also a history of poor responsiveness and it’s my $’s at risk, happy to trade places if you want to PayPal me the money.
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    No I went to second tier university to play hockey, but a lot of Ivey league grads work for me.
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    Much like blinding ignorance.:crackup:
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    Can we try to keep this a "wish Swenson luck in his future endeavors" thread? He's not perfect, but I think he deserves that much.

    I understand your frustration, but I'm confident you two will find some sort of resolution. He's a stand up guy that, at one point in his life, tried to corner low.

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