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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by crashman, May 31, 2010.

  1. crashman

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    I was watching the news this AM and couldnt help but think that these people are part of the problem and not part of the solution. My take on this is:

    The charter boat guy should be suing the media if anyone. They are the ones that are hyping this to the point that it is affectiong tourism. Instead he is naming pretty much everyone that was within 50 miles of the Horizon in his law suit trying to win the big one so he can float around and smoke pot for the rest of his life.

    Huge cash grab. No amount of money will replace a lost family member. It is a dangerous business and accidents happen. Thats why everyone has life insurance. If you dont understand that you probably shouldnt be on an offshore rig.

    People thought cleanup was going to be a good gig and found out that it is hard dirty work and are getting "sick". Ya, whatever. When I started in the oil industry we had to go and clean out oil storage tanks periodically. It sucked and sometimes at the end of the day I felt pretty shitty but I am not buying that these people are getting that sick. Another group that are reaching for the brass ring so they can sit around and smoke pot.

    We need to get this situation resolved. All of this peripheral stuff is doing nothing to help anyone. There will be lots of time for finger pointing after it is done
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    Louisiana and cash grabs walk hand in hand.

    BP will pay with its very existence but unfortunately, the demise of BP will just make some other oil company stronger.
  3. auminer

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    My inflation-adjusted 0.14 cents:

    The charter guys: Go pound sand. Business is down for a lot of reasons... 'It's the economy, stupid'.

    The family of the rig worker: Yep, sue them. Your job shouldn't directly and immediately cost you your life.

    And now to contradict myself. :D

    The 'sick' guys suing: Go pound sand. Of course you're going to get a headache working on an oil spill cleanup... don't like it, get another job. Now, when you get multiple myeloma 20 years from now due to petroleum fumes exposure, THEN you can sue, but by then BP won't exist.
  4. Strickette

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    Imagine my surprise to log into the BBS and find out I am going to lose my job. :eek:

    Wow, thank God I have you here to tell me to let me know what is going to happen. Shit, I was thinking we were going to be OK. But since you know so much about BP's balance sheet and financial wherewithal, I guess i better dust off my resume and get job hunting. :rolleyes:
  5. Flex Axlerod

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    you wont lose your job. Just the name on your paycheck will change to say Exxon or something. :D
  6. Cujo1KRR

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    lmao inronic, my paycheck says ExxonMobil ;)
  7. R Acree

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  8. pickled egg

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    Oilbama Petroleum? :D

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