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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by sportracer07, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. sportracer07

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    Hey guys i recently did my first WERA event at Road Atalanta a few weeks ago, in order to take the riders school i had to sign up for an AMA membership. I havn't recieved any info on my membership and havn't been billed for it on my credit card. Will i recieve something soon ordo i need to contact someone, and if so who? Thanks in advance
  2. Dave675

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    I renewed mine, but never got an updated card. There was definitely no delay in billing my credit card though.
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  3. Mongo

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    On the one from Road Atlanta, that's all me, I haven't processed them yet. Hopefully this coming week but more likely it'll be after I get back from NJMP, I'll be lucky if I get one full day in the office next week. On the renewal if the card got processed you should have received a new card. Email me and I'll look into it. A bunch of those are delayed as I have to send them in to the AMA to process but your card doesn't get charged until they get the paperwork.
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