Alpinestars, Teknic, RST race suits

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  1. The Habernatho

    The Habernatho Well-Known Member

    RST CPX C Pro Series Suit
    Size 44 US
    Suit is in excellent condition
    Worn one time
    More high resolution pictures available (on all suits)
    $400 shipped to your door

    Teknic Xcelerator Suit
    Size 44, fits like a 42 (Tucker Rocky mislabeled the sizing on these at the time)
    excellent condition
    Kangaroo construction
    Nice fitting suit
    $400 shipped to your door

    Alpinestars Venom 2 piece race suit
    Size 42 US
    Made in Romania
    Excellent condition, however snaps on wrist closure have been removed
    $300 shipped to your door

    Prices quoted is with PP f&f , if sending money a different way factor in the 3% difference. Shipping on these will be roughly $50 to the lower 48. If you’re local to the Houston area you can take $50 off the price and pick up in person.

    All suits are from a smoke free home, no odors, etc. Suits have unfortunately just been hanging in a closet and not put to use. They haven’t been used virtually at all. All suits are as close to new as you can find being “used”.

    20191201_140105.jpg 20191201_140428.jpg 20191201_141145.jpg 20191201_141257.jpg 20191201_141423.jpg 20191201_141512.jpg
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  2. The Habernatho

    The Habernatho Well-Known Member

    $50 drop across the board on any of the suits, so $350 for the Teknic & RST shipped, and $250 for the Alpinestars Venom shipped
  3. Chris556

    Chris556 Next time gas it

    What's your height and weight? I use to have an accelerator suit and regret selling it, but it was a 52. I'm 5'8" 170
  4. Interested I am 5-9 160 lbs how do they fit this frame ?
  5. The Habernatho

    The Habernatho Well-Known Member

    STG has sizing and fit videos for the RST suit as well as the Teknic Xcelerator.


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