AiM Solo 2 DL will not read ECU data through Ninja 300 KDS diag plug

Discussion in 'Tech' started by Ungarisch, Jul 24, 2020.

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    I got the Solo 2 DL, and while AiM's site only lists the ZX6r and ZX10r as supported models, as those use the newer CAN-Bus based communications, and it did not specifically list the Ninja 300 as a supported model, though it did list support for data over K-Line using the KWP2000 language, which is what the Ninja 300 and all other Kawasaki's uses.

    I got my Solo2DL, created my own 4-pin KDS connector to OBD2 port harness, connected it up, changed the ECU protocol to KWP2000 in the software, but the AiM does not recognize any data parameters besides battery voltage, which I assume it gets through measured powersupply voltage and not actual ECU communications data.

    Has anyone ever connected a data logger to their non-CAN-Bus based Kawasaki? Considering the N300 and N400 are very, very common race bike I would find it really strange if the AiM could not communicate with it, meanwhile my shitty little $30 Chinese gear position calculator can read RPM through the diag plug no problem...

    I have ordered an ELM327 bluetooth OBD2 dongle to make sure that it can communicate with the ECU and that it;s not my harness that's the problem, though I really don't think I could have messed up connecting the 3 wires (K-Line, 12V and ground). I also tried connecting with and without the L-Line but on the AiM OBD2 harness the K-Line and L-Line are spliced together.

    I guess my other option is to read RPM though the coil winding, but I also wanted to log throttle position.

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