AIM Data on Pre-2017 R6 with Flash Tune

Discussion in 'Tech' started by rjbrittain11, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. rjbrittain11

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    Im having difficulty with this data logging thing.

    Long story short, I had the EVO4 with the G-Dash originally and could never get it working. Long story short, i got rid of that system and got the MXS1.2 dash data logger. The bike is a 2015 R6.

    Now, I have the Race Team Package from Flash Tune and have it running on that. I have had Flash Tune enable the AIM data in the ECU but i still can't get the reading of RPM, Water Temp, Etc, that the ECU is suppose to read to AIM. I have everything setup in Race Studio 3 correctly according to AIM.

    Now the kicker. I call AIM yesterday and they tell me that the MXS1.2 doesn't work with FlashTune, not matter if FlashTune enabled ECU access on their end. AIM tells me that the ECU needs to be OEM or YEC.

    AIM says if i use a YEC ECU i can use the MXS dash but i will have to keep my stock dash connected to the harness and jump the K-line feed from the OEM dash to the MXS.

    Question 1: Has anyone set up the MXS1.2 on a 2016 and older R6?

    Now, because of all of this, i got the RPM hardwired now to the coil, so thats is solved for now. I believe everything else is going to need to be hardwired as well. The only other reading i need now is from Water Temp, as I can use the GPS for speed.

    Question 2: Has anyone hardwired a channel to the Water Temp sensor? If so, can anyone give some insight here? AIM says i'll need a pull-up resistor. Thats fine, but if anyone has more info on this that would be greatly appreciated.

    All of my other data works and reads out fine, just not the ECU feed.

    Data Points Installed:
    - Fork Potentiometer
    - Shock Potentiometer
    - Brake Pressure
    - Oil Pressure
    - Lambda

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    have no idea on your situation ... but curious, what oil psi do you see at idle on your r6 ??
  3. tophyr

    tophyr Parkour Champion

    I have an MX-M on a '12 R6, but I'm fairly certain it has a YEC ecu.

    I'm curious why the K-Line to the dash wouldn't work with the FT setup. The K-Line feed is how the stock dash gets its info, so the FT software must still be feeding that.

    You do definitely need the stock dash still plugged in for the K-Line to work. The bike will run just fine without the stock dash plugged in, but the ECU will not send any data.
  4. humblepie

    humblepie Well-Known Member

    Last roadrace team I worked for (fulltime) ran the r6.
    Coming down pit road at 2K engine speed, .3 bar with oil temp 120

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    So just over 4psi.. that can't be good for extended periods, is it? Or is that sufficient..
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  6. Gumby647

    Gumby647 Señor Member

    I've had bad luck tapping into temp sensors, even a small change in the resistance of the circuit will offset the temp reading the ECU sees and effect temp based compensations. It's best to just add another sensor for the logger.

  7. humblepie

    humblepie Well-Known Member

    No problems over extended periods. I figure there is close to zero (perhaps Zero) load at idle in neutral.
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  8. rjbrittain11

    rjbrittain11 Active Member

    Sorry for the distance to this thread.

    So after racing for the weekend (couple weeks ago), i used a IR gun to check temps and make sure all was ok. I was fine as i have the large H20 radiator now so i was more worried about being too cold!

    AIM is still telling me that there is no timetable on when their drivers will be updated to allow the FlashTune ECU to be compatible. Just to give full transparency, I haven't actually tried to connect the ECU to the dash.

    For the water temp sensor, I think I figured out the wiring needed. I just need to find locally a 2000 ohm resistor and Terminal Block to test it. In the YEC harness, at the gauge connection, there is a 4-pin connector that is empty. One of them is the GW wire that is the readout from the ECU for Water Temp. I tested this by connecting the white analog cable from a channel to this GW wire and ran the bike. This value would change when the bike was getting hotter. But it would change from 170’ish degrees at cold, to -40 when at about 180 Degrees F. If i changed the sensor type in Race Studio 3 this value would change up or down depending on bike temp due to the program sensor settings for the different sensors. I did find this readout to be consistent throughout the race weekend for one of the sensors i set it to on Race Studio 3 (can’t remember which one that is at the moment). -40 was very close to 180 degree coolant temp with the IR gun at the line going into the radiator.

    Water Temp Sensor wiring:

    I think I can take the GW (Green/White) wire and the BL (Black - Ground) wire from that empty 4-pin, and connect those two wires to the WHITE and BL wires from a channel cable from the MXS. A 2000 ohm resister will be connected between the GW & BL wire coming from the 4-pin. Anyone have thoughts on this? Although in the following link from AIM’s website showing their pinout for their thermo resister shows the ohm resistor between the Analog (white) and the +Vref (Red - If my memory is correct). Thoughts?


    1. To connect the dash to the ECU, do I just connect the K-Line from the MXS dash to the K-Line of the OEM dash, and leave the OEM dash connected? I haven’t been able to find ANY docs from AIM to show any connections to the ECU.

    2. So on my MXS i get the read outs from the Potentiometers. They have been calibrated correctly. But when I download the data Race Studio 3 shows those readouts as a single value and not changing throughout the lap. I can verify that it changes when riding as I have the readout showing on the Dash. Anyone know why this is and how to fix this?

    3. Brake Pressure sensor works in real time but doesn’t show a changing value when the data is downloading, just like the above issue with the Potentiometers. Anyone have this issue?

    4. Oil Pressure sensor shows on the dash as -22 psi and doesn’t change on the dash or when data is downloaded. Even live measures in Race Studio it doesn’t change value. Again, anyone have this issue?

    5. Same thing for the Lambda One, just one value and doesn’t change.

    Hopefully we can get this figured out soon. I will be riding the bike this Saturday-Tuesday at a race school at Thunderhill. Then racing the following weekend at Thunderhill.
  9. Blue Junk

    Blue Junk Well-Known Member

    I recall the first time I saw this in data and about shit myself. Figured it had to be wrong, it wasn’t. I don’t let my bikes idle any longer.
  10. rjbrittain11

    rjbrittain11 Active Member


    Water temp sensor wired up and working. After my initial configuration of the custom sensor on Race Studio 3, it’s about 3-5 degrees higher than the OEM gauge reading. So I just have to fine tune the mV to temp numbers to get it just right. Not as difficult Adblock I thought it would be. The following website I found was a huge help and the spreadsheet that is available from there helped a ton setting up the custom sensor on Race Studio.
  11. tophyr

    tophyr Parkour Champion

    Nice work.
  12. rjbrittain11

    rjbrittain11 Active Member

    Update 3/7/2020:

    I was able to connect the AIM Dash to the K-Line of the OEM Harness and plug in the OEM Dash to get some things working. Water Temp reads correct and ECU Error codes read correct. I have used the 06-10 R6 ECU Stream on Race Studio. Three issues I am having:

    1. RPM reads constant at 17500 whether bike is on or off. OEM Dash reads correct.
    2. Speed isn't correct. It will change depending on what gear I am in. 1st gear is like 8mph, 2nd is like 19mph, 3rd is like 25mph, etc. I haven't spent much time on what numbers for each gear and if they stay consistent. With the OEM gauge when I got this bike it was set up somehow either in Flash Tune or on some other way at the ECU to read a whole number per whatever gear I was in. 10mph for 1st, 20mph for 2nd, 30mph for 3rd and so on. I liked that but now it doesn't do that, even on the stock gauge. It isn't whole numbers anymore, its like I previously mentioned with random numbers, but it does say consistent.
    3. ECU Air Temp reads -22F. I didn't know this was a reading I could get but its obviously inaccurate. I am throwing ECU Error 22, which is Air temperature sensor: open or short circuit detected. So might just be a bad sensor. I will change this out and see if this helps.

    What I would like to get is a TPS reading. I have done some minor googling on it but haven't nailed down what to do. If anyone can shed some light on this for my bike that would be awesome. Also, if anyone knows what's up with the issues above that would be helpful as well.
  13. Gumby647

    Gumby647 Señor Member

    TPS is not in the k-line data stream on an R6. You will need to use analog channels to log it. I also suggest you log grip/aps/tpd that way you can compare to help set engine brake and whatnot.
  14. rjbrittain11

    rjbrittain11 Active Member

    I know the TPS doesn't come from the K-line, and i do have the YEC harness, which has the connector up front for TPS, Water Temp, RPM, and Speed. One question i have is, if i want to tap into this connector for any of these, what do i have to do on the AIM side? My analog channels on my AIM harness or 4-pin binder. Do i just cut the binder and connect the analog channel wire to the tps wire? Unfortunately electrical isn't my strong point.
  15. Gumby647

    Gumby647 Señor Member

    You can connect it however you like. It is possible to order the correct mating connectors from Binder USA. My preference would be to get a new AMP connector for the dash and make my own harness but that's me.
  16. rjbrittain11

    rjbrittain11 Active Member

    can you link me to the right connector on binder? I want to do that as well. Would it just be the single wire from the YEC side (let’s say the yellow TPS wire for an example) to a single wire on the analog channel aim binder?

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