AGV, rossi/Nicky Haden and winter test helmets

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  1. rsv4aprilla

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    Rossi/Hayden helmet, excellent condition, no scratches, ect, it's a med./large, bought in2018, the winter test helmet is a large, excellent condition, and no scratches. Both are $600 ea. Shipping is extra, and it's go e up. FYI. Can not upload pics. To large, iam at 916 298 6306
  2. Neutron Jenkins

    Neutron Jenkins Well-Known Member

    Contacted seller and paid with PayPal. PayPal will release funds after a few days. Seller calls this “shady business.” Then stated he will keep the helmet. I requested a refund when funds clear on his end. I will also make sure not to do business with him after the voicemail he left with me.

    Anyone on here and multiple other forums can vouch for me.. I pay quick and I do not do shady business.

    The member for this post is impatient and doesn’t understand how processes work. I will gladly put my rep on my business.
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  3. Eshber

    Eshber Well-Known Member

    Probably dodged a bullet. Call it a win.
  4. Neutron Jenkins

    Neutron Jenkins Well-Known Member

    That’s what I’m thinking. I’ll find one eventually from a better seller.

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