AGV Pista Carbon GP R Staccata M/S

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    CFE57CE4-235B-475B-8EDB-E7D1B1987506.jpeg 30732093-BF5E-4D72-ADBA-AAC3C68789EF.jpeg 75594AAB-E3F9-49E6-A8A4-2F0A113D90AF.jpeg E1880627-F701-4261-A233-240F3D1C20AF.jpeg 7253090D-E221-4511-825F-86A86402CE95.jpeg F92E93AC-4225-4175-93AC-78F27A742937.jpeg 250F69A6-D62A-46C1-889F-BF734559A8BB.jpeg A3E17304-2B84-4577-9F2F-176FAAD7094A.jpeg E5B55542-F062-4014-B1AB-EF136B1891DD.jpeg
    New with tags AGV Pista Carbon GP R Staccata in size Meduim/Small (57-58 cm). Purchased it after years of wearing Shoei but having second thoughts and going to stick with Shoei.

    Located 60605

    $1250 obo
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    $1100 with free shipping to lower 48
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