Advice for MotoGP at Misano?

Discussion in 'General' started by wera313, Apr 26, 2022.

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    My itch to travel after the last few years has been intense. So we’ve decided on a trip to Italy that includes a couple days for the Misano round. This will be my 7 year old daughters first big race (besides local club races and motocross) so excited for her and my wife to experience MotoGP.

    I’ve never been to Misano so did research on best seats. Decided to prioritize comfort so chose Tribuna B because it’s covered. Also visibility across several corners seems good. Hopefully chose well!

    Which hotels are good to stay at? Best way to get back/forth to the track? Any tips to do while we’re near Misano?
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    I haven't been to a race there, so can't give any advice on seats. Its a cool track though... in the middle of town and close to the ocean.

    Check out the Nicky Hayden memorial

    I would suggest you stay in Cattolica. Its a super touristy town, but its great for walking, its really affordable for both food and hotels, and your kid will have lots to do there. The beaches are crazy... everyone is packed like sardines in row after row of arranged lounges with umbrellas. Drinks and gelato every meter.

    To get around, you'll use taxis, or the public bus system. You could rent a car, too, but parking is very problematic in Italy as a whole.

    Search hotels on Tripadvisor.
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    There are not too many hotels in the area, the good thing is the track is half-way between Cattolica and Rimini. We rent an AirBnB in the area and always find something about 2 - 3 km away from the track. Driving is easy and parking is what you'd expect - a grass field that takes 30 minutes to get out of after the race. You should plan to take your family into Tavullia on Saturday night. On Friday night the riders and teams will have dinner down at the ocean in Gabicce Mare. Driving up the mountain and spending a few hours in the Republic of San Marino is also fun. Overall the weather is always warm, the food is excellent, and wear bright yellow to the the other 85,000 people.
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    Thank you both. Found a nice looking apartment through AirBnB in Cattolica. Easy for the girls to get to the beach while I go to qualifying on Saturday. I’m used to public transport in Italy so going that route for the 1.5 weeks we’re there to avoid the rental car hassle.

    Thanks for tips on dinner in Gabicce Mare and the memorial to Nick (didn’t realize that existed there). Will plan for both.

    We’re headed to Florence after the races to base for rest of the week. On a whim, I checked the schedule at Mugello. I’ve never been there and it’s been on my list since the 90s to visit. Turns out there is some type of Aprilia track experience with rental rides that week.

    Has anyone ever heard of this operation:

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