A new twist to an old scam.. Treasure Chest?

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    Dear friend,

    Warm wishes for the New Year!

    A very good day to you and how are you doing today?

    I am a director and head of operations at the Capital Trust Securities & Deposit Company a private security company here in the United Kingdom. I have contacted you in search of a partner who can assist me in receiving funds as a next of kin to a deceased client of my company who was a native of your country.

    In mid 2002 our deceased client deposited in our custody a Trunk Box containing the sum of seven million three hundred and fifty thousand United States Dollars ($7,350,000) as vital personal effects for safekeeping. As the operations director, he confided in me that there is an urgent investment requiring cash payment he needed to make. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could come and claim the consignments after a brief illness. Since then we have tried in vain to locate any of his relatives to come forward for the claim.

    I want you to NOTE that this is a straightforward transaction with no bureaucracy involved. All that I need from you is your consent to present you as the next of kin to our late client so that I can authorize the release of the Trunk Box to you. Thereafter, the Trunk will be shipped directly to your designated address through a Diplomatic Attaché as a non inspection consignment for onward deposit to your account.

    The deceased client from all indications and investigations conducted by the company did notprovide a next of kin. This venture is risk free and I am willing to use my position here to the maximum to ensure the release of the consignments to you as his next of kin. Also I will provide the necessary logistics to give us a legal backing and I am offering a share of 30% of theinheritance if you assist in securing the release of the funds.

    Kindly get back to me if you are interested and send me the following details for the actualization of this venture for us both.

    1. Your full names
    2. Address
    3. Phone number

    I will also advise that you keep this personal as possible.

    I await your positive response.


    Tel: +44-704-570-2210
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    Reply with the name of the director of the cia, cia phone number, and the address for the cia.

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