'96's eligible next year?

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by 2OLD2BFAST, Nov 25, 2003.


    2OLD2BFAST Well-Known Member

    Is there anything being proposed yet that would include a 96 Kaw ZX7R into next years classes? Obviously, it would appear thathe cut-off has been at the 95 model year for a while now, and just wondered if the cut-off might migrate by a year next season...

    Any input you can offer would be great!
  2. lizard84

    lizard84 My “fuck it” list is lengthy

    I don't think so.

    Vintage 7
    Pre-1996 Unlimited Displacement Production based machines
    Pre-1996 Factory GP machines up to 500cc
    Pre-1996 Up to 650cc 4-stroke Multis
    Pre-1996 Up to 1200cc 4-stroke air cooled twins
    Pre-1996 Up to 800cc 4-stroke water cooled twins
    Pre-1996 250cc GP machines
    Exclusions: No machine eligible for D Superbike, 125cc GP, or Clubman classes will be allowed to bump up. We will be working on the V7 rules as the year progresses so please let us know of any changes you would like.
    V-7 Eligibility is based strictly on the age of the machine. No newer machines may be run regardless of similiarity to age legal machinery. V-7 machines must run stock (no aftermarket or homemade) frames.

    Bob :beer:

    2OLD2BFAST Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input.

    Obviously, I was just hoping that logic would dictate that with each passing year, the year of manufacture cut-off would also evolve. That way if V-7 consisted of 8 year old models one year, 8 year old models would also become eligible the next season, and so on, and so on.

    Oh well, the good news is that the big 4-0 is only a few days away so off I go to the renamed CORC class with my "old" Kaw! Stacked up against the new (or even the now older) Gixxers will be tough, but oh well it'll be fun no matter what...
  4. lizard84

    lizard84 My “fuck it” list is lengthy

    Your just a kid:D

    You think its tough in CORC with 96 ZX7, try it with a GS450:eek:

    I'll pass on CORC, we need a vintage CORC, how about min age of 40, but rider & bike age must add up to at least 65:beer:
  5. Steve Fahey

    Steve Fahey I need a new avatar

    I did a couple CORC races....got blown away by old guys on newer, bigger bikes.

    A Vintage CORC race would be three waves!:D
  6. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    We do run a 50 and over race at the pre-Daytona event every year. And, yes, it does take 3 waves.
  7. Rain Director

    Rain Director Old guy

    Sean does not handle Vintage rules. Vintage rules are handled by the Vintage Rules Committee (VRC). I'm not giving away any secrets when I say V7 remains the same for 2004.
  8. melch

    melch V7 Pusher

    What is the date of manufacture on the tag of your 96 Kawi??????

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