94 GSXR750

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    1994 GSXR750 Ex Racebike. Project. no title. Needs to be gone through. Suspension prob needs freshening and Calipers rebuilt. Hasnt been started in quite some time. Turns over and has compression. Carbs need float needles but I have new ones included. Im sure im forgetting something but heres the details

    Custom Race harness
    Safety Wired
    Fox shock
    Looks to be headwork, cams and possibly big bore kit but havent confirmed yet. Got ECS engraved on cylinder
    Yoshimura Duplex stainless with carbon can no damage
    Yoshimura ignition advancer
    Yoshimura case cover
    Yoshimura rearsets
    Yoshimura top triple
    Custom aluminum catch can
    Full AirTech no damage plus nice street bodywork professionally painted white included.
    Aluminum race stay
    Total loss ignition. Alternator installed but not hooked up. I got bike without starter but i installed one just to plug the hole. Needs switch wired in. I have the block off plate and hardware if wanting to go back to true total loss and delete the starter clutch etc.
    EBC rotors
    $1500 obo located in NJ 07933

    0201201342_resized.jpg 0201201336b_resized.jpg 0201201335b_resized.jpg 0201201336_resized.jpg
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    Still hunting an FZR400 in possible trade? 89, street bike, clean oem white/red/black trim paint/body, FL titled. Runner, but hasn’t been fired in 6-8 years. Miles escape me. It’s stored a couple of hours from where I am. It would be a day or 2 before I can get my hands/eyes on it for pictures.
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    Hmm may be for sure. If its not too much of a pia pic would be good? Where you located?
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    Lol - makes a person wonder why engineers went to the trouble to design modern liter superbikes when a simple gearing change and carb tune would make a 30 year 400 competitive in WSBK.

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    Lol exactly
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    Hey 60hp goes a long way you know
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    No longer available
  10. shift96

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    Ok still available. Have some interest but here's latest pics without fairings

    0321201629_resized (1).jpg 0319201841b_resized.jpg 0320201535_resized (1).jpg 0319201841b_resized (1).jpg
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