92 NSR250SE for sale

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Mjmadd, Sep 5, 2021.

  1. Mjmadd

    Mjmadd Active Member

    1992 NSR250SE for sale. 14589 km. Clear NJ title. Bike has most original parts and all original fairings. Track set up currently. I will post pics of original parts and list in next day or so.
    10750$ I can possibly help with delivery of bike within a reasonable distance of Phila.

    Previous owner had bike worked at Speedwerks
    Carbs and engine gone through
    K Tech rear shock and front internals set up at Speedwerks
    Tyga rear sets
    Tyga fairing stay
    Tyga SS exhaust / new o rings and gaskets just installed. ( have spare sets of o rings and gaskets)
    Quick shifter
    Motion pro throttle
    Steering damper
    Performance plus cooling hoses/With temp sensor
    Carbon chain guard
    Carbon heel guard
    Dunlop sport max tires. Still decent date code 16/18
    Premix running castor 927/ Sunoco optima race fuel. Might have some optima to throw in
    Brakes recently flushed/ running motul rbf 600
    Aluminum rear stand included

    Hate to sell but more focused on my older Ducati’s

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  2. motion

    motion RockyMountainMotos.com

    Dry clutch! Tasty!
  3. nsr250man

    nsr250man Well-Known Member

    Hate to see you sell this, but I have a love for one of your old Duc's (my old Duc!!!)
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  4. zitoune

    zitoune Active Member

    A work of art!
  5. Mjmadd

    Mjmadd Active Member

    The sound of the 2 stroke and dry clutch/ another reminder of why I hate to let it go!!!
  6. Mjmadd

    Mjmadd Active Member

    What’s up my brother. She probably won’t be the last duc I buy, but I’m fairly sure she will be the last one I sell. Hope your well
    If the NSR does not go I could see it making a trip south to your capable hands for a 300 upgrade

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  7. Mjmadd

    Mjmadd Active Member

    Pics of NSR original parts
    Also a couple items I missed on bike now

    Arashi rotors
    Gear indicator

    I do have 5 Gal unopened can of Sunoco Optima that I’ll throw in

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  8. Mjmadd

    Mjmadd Active Member

    NSR 250 manual included also

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  9. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    What brand/model is the Quick Shifter? Might need to pick one up for my NSR (1992 as well).
  10. Mjmadd

    Mjmadd Active Member

    Bike is still available. Pre-Winter bump before it goes into the man cave. Price drop 10000$. Also have stock exhaust.

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