7x18 Vee Enclosed Trailer

Discussion in 'Other' started by Steve Maurer, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Steve Maurer

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    Custom ordered with 6" extra height, RV windows/door, side marker lights are also turn signals, extended tongue, ramp door, pull out step, torsion axles (much more). Modified to include full rigid insulation, mini-split A/C (The a/c rocks! Very Cold and no condensate problems), custom kitchenette (no water), eTrack to hold four motorcycles (track is included, accessories are not), 120v 30amp service, dimmable LED overheads, multiple receptacles. Message me for a full list of details. (left rear scratch did not break the skin). 7' wide, 18' long box with additional 24" deep Vee. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but can share spec sheet and rehab photos on request. Price lowered $2000... make me an offer.
    Apparently my photo files are too large to upload. Please send me a message and I will forward photographs.
  2. ducnut

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    I upload pics to my FB page, set so only I can see them. Then, I pick on and save them. I use those pics to post here. I’m not smart enough to resize, but, FB seems to resize easily enough.
  3. desiryderz

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    Can you please send me pictures?
  4. pawpawrc

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    Price? Location?
  5. racerx43

    racerx43 Well-Known Member

    How did you install the mini split?
  6. K51000

    K51000 Banned

    God, Please put 2K in my account, now? What a deal!
  7. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    That's the amount the price has been lowered.
  8. Steve Maurer

    Steve Maurer Member

    Sorry everyone, originally this was listed for $9750, I lowered it $200o to $7750 in hopes of getting things moving.
    I can get very specific about the mini-split install but don't want to write the book here. The compressor is mounted on a 2" square tubing platform I fabricated. It's "U" bolted to the extended tongue, then supported to the framing on the long end. It's also mounted on dampers so you cannot feel it running. The whole system is very quiet. The interior air handler was just like a house.... very straight forward. It's operated on it's own circuit with a wall mounted remote.
    Location, is Doylestown, PA
  9. Steve Maurer

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    I just posted a photo album on my facebook page with lots of pics... search on facebook for Steve Maurer.
  10. ducnut

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