7x18 V-Nose Trailer, 2013, Stealth (RV upgrades)

Discussion in 'Other' started by Steve Maurer, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Steve Maurer

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    This is a Stealth Liberty, Limited Edition. 7x18 with an additional 30" V-Nose. Custom ordered with 6" extra height, RV windows/door, extended tongue, ramp door, pull out step, torsion axles (much more). Modified to include full rigid insulation, mini-split A/C(Very Cold and no condensate problems), custom kitchenette (no water), 120v 30amp service, dimmable LED overheads, multiple receptacles. Message me for a full list of details. (left rear scratch did not break the skin).
    We travel with the bikes strapped via "E-track", then sleep in the air conditioned trailer at night. Great to hang out in when it rains too. A/C gets ice cold immediately and only pulls a few amps with its inverter technology. Lots of pics on facebook marketplace (files to large to upload here)

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  2. Steve Maurer

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    A better source for more photographs is on the craigslist ad, post id: 6784628649
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    Price for the non Faceboobers would help...
  4. Steve Maurer

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    Asking $9750
    about $14, 750 invested in trailer and materials (my labor is free)

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