6X10 Enclosed Trailer/Toy Hauler with Organization

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    This is a 6X10 enclosed trailer that I have used for the past few years as basically a toy hauler to get my motorcycles to the track. I purchased it brand new from RPM Trailers in Braselton, GA in 2015. It's in great shape and has a lot of organizational things on the inside to help arrange your gear. The floor has been painted with a grey porch and floor paint and it has held up very well - I always put rugs down when I used it at the track. The walls have been painted with an oil-based white paint and clean up very easily- they also look really nice.

    I have had this thing loaded down with two motorcycles and all of my gear and it carries all of that easily. This would be perfect for a trackday rider, racer, or someone who wants to take their bikes up to the mountains. It did have two Pitbull TRS plates mounted to the floor (I'm keeping those) so there are 8 holes in the floor for the bolts. You know the drill ... they are great and well worth the money so why not use those instead of 40 tie downs.

    Towards the front of the v-nose on the inside I did drill a hole in the floor so I could run extension cords into the trailer, but it's covered with a spring-loaded switch plate cover so it looks very neat and keeps anything out while it's not in use. It has an RV style side door with a latch lock, but it also has the bar lock to keep things extra secure.

    The only reason that I'm selling is because I've upgraded to a larger trailer. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. Trailer is located in Stone Mountain, GA 30087.

    $2750 OBO


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    Solid trailer! GLWS.
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    Oh man...pretty much everything I’m looking for, except that it is 900 miles away haha!

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    Bump .... price now $2500. I just washed and waxed it so come and get it!
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    Dude. This was an awesome deal. I see I was only 23 days behind this transaction.
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