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Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by JBowen33, Jun 22, 2020.

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    My sons crf50 is constantly pissing gas out of the carb after sitting for the last month. I’ve tried taking it apart, cleaning it etc but it still flows out. The inside of the carb you can tell the ethanol fuel had its way with it with some corrosion on the float, insides etc... and also the rubber lines are a little bit brittle and they weren’t before.

    My question is... Are the cheap eBay carbs decent enough? He’s not racing it just riding around the backyard still with training wheels.

    Any insight is appreciated thanks
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    I think a new carb for my 70 is $125 from Honda. Probably 10x the cost of a knock off. I will never go down that road again as I bought a knockoff for a 100... once
    had it for 10 mins before I gave it away the day it arrived. Honda usually sells rebuilt kits. Looks like a complete new carb is $86 from honda. Maybe try boats.net for this part #:
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    Sounds like the float valve is sticking or its rubber cone is damaged. I would just replace that part + a proper cleaning. This wont happen as much if you use corn free gas or add a stabilizer.

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