4th Gen R6 17+ not starting

Discussion in 'Tech' started by EnvyCycles, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

    Bought a 2018 that's was crashed.
    I can not get it started but cranks really good. So I checked all fuses and all are good, pump primes, did notice that the TB do not cycle when bike is powered. Swapped out the TB but still do not cycle or started, swapped ECU, pump relay and tip over and no help.
    Opened airbox and sprayed done gas in TB and bike started but was starving for fuel and revved to about 10k when it first came on then wouldn't pass 4k. Would idle for at about 1600 or so and then shut off.
    Don't have another pump to try but since it primes I figured its good. I didn't check the pressure.
    Any help is appreciated.

  2. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

    Anyone have the wiring schematic for the 17 R6 that can send me.
  3. MurfSVR

    MurfSVR Well-Known Member

    Was the crash on the right side? Had a similar issue - ended up being a faulty kill/starter switch! This was with a 08-16 r6.

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  4. 2MM

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  5. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

    Ill look into this.
  6. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

  7. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

    So I ended getting an OBD cable and used a reader and got the following code.
    P0030 - O2 Sensor (02 Sensor has been removed so it should be there)
    P0476 - EXUP (EXUP has been removed so it should be there)
    P048d - EXUP (EXUP has been removed so it should be there)
    C1555 - I can not find this code anywhere in the manual. Anyone know what this is?
  8. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

    C1555 went away along with the P0030 when I hooked the O2 delete.
  9. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

    Pump was bad. It primed during the start and also when disconnected it shot a 4 foot stream but it was bad.
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