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Discussion in 'General' started by MXjunky, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. MXjunky

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    Does anybody have any experience with this thing. Iv seen Roger Hayden give them a shoutout on Instagram. Looks like they have Aldon Baker as a spokesman. I have had grip issues with my throttle hand ever since I broke the tip off my elbow in MC boot camp. Looking for some alternatives before I turn to doctors and an inevitable surgery.

    Straight from the website.

    "4Arm Strong is the world’s only self therapy device that can reduce arm pump, increase grip strength and grip strength endurance, relieve tennis and golfer’s elbow pain, reduce the risk of elbow and forearm overuse injuries and relieve and prevent Carpal Tunnel symptoms. 4Arm Strong is constructed out of durable Clear Polycarbonate, 4-40 stainless steel and ultra strong, lightweight 6061 aluminum used in the medical industry. Because 4Arm Strong comes in two sizes, when ordering please provide your forearm measurement. Measure the circumference of the largest part of your forearm (See illustration below.) 4Arm Strong is patent pending."

    4arm strong.png
  2. ChuckS

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    From a materials perspective - it's 440 stainless, and 6061 is the most common extruded aluminum existent.

    Smells like snake oil from here.
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  3. A lot of MX guys "use" it, I want to try it. I never get arm pump on a road race bike but I do on my MX bike now.
  4. sdg

    sdg *

    Dynaflex, the metal one, not the shitty plastic one. It will kick your forearm's ass.
  5. MXjunky

    MXjunky I just wanna go FAST!

    According to these guys the last thing you want is to add muscle to your forearm when you have issues like this.

    The 4arm strong I guess just helps stretch the muscles further than you can with a normal wrist exercise.
  6. SPL170db

    SPL170db Trackday winner

    I've heard they're a scam.
  7. sdg

    sdg *

    Well I'm not selling anything, but my personal experience (and a couple friends) is that strength/endurance helped immensely. I also stretch my forearms regularly with the plain ole use the other hand to pull on the fingers.
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  8. t500racer

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    I've been using this lately. No change in my forearms, but my palms are less hairy?
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  9. MXjunky

    MXjunky I just wanna go FAST!

    Yes, these things do help. I have noticed a considerable difference in my riding when I have spent time in the gym vs going to a race weekend completely out of shape. But it doesn't take the numbness and grip issues away completely.

    The 4arm strong looks like a scam to me but who knows. Doesn't make any sense how applying pressure to the muscle while stretching it can fix arm pump but I'm not a doctor.
  10. As someone who has dealt with arm pump from day one, and as someone that has been into lifting weights for years, I can assure you that fatigue and the numbness/grip issues you are talking about are 2 totally different things.

    Fatigue can be handled with training, dirt bike riding, etc. There are tons of grip exercises and tools to use so fatigue isn't an issue.

    The numbness is caused by Compartment Syndrome (aka "arm pump") which is a blood flow/circulation problem. Blood is pumped into the hands/forearms, but not all of it returns.

    The fascia that surrounds the muscles can only expand so much. Once it expands as much as it can, the blood is essentially trapped, and it causes your hands to swell and they go numb. When that happens, it becomes impossible to work the throttle, pull the brake lever, etc.

    Training can/will fix a fatigue problem; training can't fix a circulation issue.

    The only true fix to that is a fasciaotomy where they make an incision in the fascia which allows it to expand and allow more blood flow. I have had that procedure performed on my left arm, and need it on my right.
  11. MXjunky

    MXjunky I just wanna go FAST!

    So when the numbness comes on, where is it starting for you? Your forearm, hand, fingers, elbow? I am not sure that I have the same issue or if it is just multiplied by my elbow problem.

    My throttle hand goes numb to where I cannot feel the amount of force I am putting into my grips or inputs of the controls. Sometimes this happens two laps in, other times 8 laps. Depending on the track I have gone 50 laps managing the issue.

    From what I can tell, my problem stems from my elbow. The pain starts above my elbow wraps around my forearm and goes down the outside (pinky side) of my hand causing very slight irritation/numbness throughout my normal day. With excessive and constant throttle/brake work the numbness gradually gets worse.

    Any recommendations for a good specialist in the DC area? Every time I have talked to a normal physician about this they look at me cross eyed.
  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Sounds more like tendonitis or tennis elbow or the like. Compartment syndrome is arm pump, different thing/feel (even if some end results are similar). I smacked the shit out of my elbow last summer and still have the same kind of pain you're describing that can lead to numbness and such if I don't change my arm position. Same result as my pinky and the outside of my hand are currently a little numb, my pain does start lower than yours but that's about it. It's better as it heals but it's taking it's sweet time.
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  13. MXjunky

    MXjunky I just wanna go FAST!

    Same pain since 2008. Navy Docs think the Tip of my elbow may have floated into the nerves and that's whats causing the irritation.
  14. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    If they're right then not much you can do.

    I have wondered if I took some bone off of mine too. Not bad enough to justify paying for an xray.
  15. MXjunky

    MXjunky I just wanna go FAST!

    That's a bummer. haha
  16. Yeah, like Mongo said, I believe your problem starts in your elbow. There are lots of nerves in there and damage to them can give a feeling that ultimately feels the same (same net result), but it originates differently.

    I never feel anything in my elbow. Mine is all in my forearm and hands.

    When it first starts, I can keep racing a little while longer by braking with 4 fingers (instead of 2), but I have to start braking earlier because I don't have the feel to be confident braking to apex (with a lot of lean angle). So my lap times suffer.

    From there (as it progresses), I end up having to use my whole hand to work the throttle. I place the bottom of my hand/palm on the throttle, press it down, then roll my whole arm backwards. As you can imagine, there is no feel when doing it that way. So my lap times suffer more.

    At Road Atlanta last year I went from leading by 15 bike lengths, to losing (finished 2nd), in just 2 laps, because I couldn't work the controls anymore. My whole hand and forearm were numb.
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  17. MXjunky

    MXjunky I just wanna go FAST!

    Gone through Exactly the same scenario. Not a fun way to ride, numb hand at the controls and losing time.
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  18. t500racer

    t500racer Looking for the Bad Teacher's thread...

    I was recently informed by a doctor that actual "Compartment Syndrome" is a serious medical condition requiring immediate surgery to allow the blood to return from the affected extremity, and not "arm pump" as we commonly refer to it.
  19. It is. There are varying levels/degrees/versions of it.

    Compartment syndrome can also happen when you have a lot of damage (several broken bones in one area). They were concerned about that with my foot (one toe was shattered throughout, 3 of the other toes had at least 1 fracture, and the big bone on the underside of my big toe had multiple cracks).

    I had to reach down and press on my toes for circulation at least every 2 hrs (make sure it goes from white back to red when I press on it).

    And yes, that version of Compartment Syndrome is very serious. He told me if it doesn't go back pink, get to the hospital immediately or I could lose my toes.
  20. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yes and no - compartment syndrome is one type of arm pump. It can be serious for sure but most of the time it doesn't require immediate surgery - although it can if the blood doesn't go back on it's own. It's still compartment syndrome even if it does go back down and comes back when you use the muscles.

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