2019 Ninja 400 Track Bike

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Rowdyfox, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Rowdyfox

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    I was building this bike for a beginner track bike, but unfortunately have to sell it. It has a salvaged Indiana title, and only has 17xx miles. Here's what I put on it:
    Vortex 2.0 clip ons.
    Vortex 2.0 rear sets.
    Armourbodies race fairings.
    Galfer braided non-ABS lines.
    Galfer brake pads.
    Castrol SRF Racing brake fluid.
    Dunlop Q3+
    Motul 300V oil with OEM filter.
    (Below is part of Norton's clutch kit.)
    Updated shift shaft.
    Updated shift detent.
    Heavier shift detent spring.
    Heavier clutch springs.
    Barnett friction plates.
    Currently has Pro Grip 717 grips on it.(not installed in pics, but has been installed.)
    I'm asking $4500, but willing to negotiate. Make me an offer! I took it for a quick spin and the shifting is tight, and feels great! This will make a great track/race bike! I'm located in the Chicago suburbs. Compress_20211013_060933_3652.jpg Compress_20211013_060933_3971.jpg Compress_20211013_060934_4336.jpg Compress_20211013_060938_8465.jpg
  2. andremej

    andremej CHECK FMRRA

    where is this located ?
  3. Rugbydad

    Rugbydad Little Member

    Says Chicago Burbs
  4. Rowdyfox

    Rowdyfox New Member

    It just sold yesterday, sorry!

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