2019 Daytona 200

Discussion in 'General' started by KMC, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Johnny B

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  2. Johnny B

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    I wasn't aware that they actually had a fight. I'm pretty sure that the high speed banking and its effect on tires, the endurance nature of the race and they can't run in the rain were the technical reasons why Daytona was knocked off of the schedule.
  3. backcountryme

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    And the fact that DMG owns the 200?
  4. He’s very fast around there but... I won’t call it bad “luck” but it’s bad something.
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  5. The Has Gas Man. He could be like Chocolate, Dale Sr’s long time has man :)
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  6. Senior Superbike 2019- making young fools glad they aren’t old since 2019 :)
  7. Daytona is just like any other race though in that respect. You need properly prepared equipment (additional elements for the 200 obviously) regardless of red flags/ etc the rider still needs to be at the sharp end of the stick to win, and execute a well planned race even if it means changing your plans on the fly. The Marquez example isn’t really relevant as bringing sub par equipment isn’t proper preparation by your team. I’ve seen many amateur pit crews do very well, you don’t need months of practice per say but you’d better practice, have spares ready, clear roles and responsibilities in case of crashes, red flags, etc. Someone I admire very much once told me “thorough preparation makes it’s own luck” and that becomes very clear at the 200.
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    I think with Jason is that he’s always on a thin budget while also helping and supporting others. I think he gets stretched to the limit. So no margin for error. No question about his riding abilities.
  9. I don't disagree, I think its one of those things he needs to decide what he wants to do and do it with a full on effort, say no to people, etc. Easy to say from behind a computer, I know.
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    Biggest issue is that if he says no to the people, he doesn’t have the budget to just go play. The people are who pay for him to play. I’m a Farrell homer, as he was the only guy I let work on my bikes and is all of 9 miles from me. I’d LOVE to see him just finish to get the gorilla off his back. But I respect the hell outta what he’s accomplished as a true privateer.
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    I quoted the specific part Im confused about

    If a racer finishes first at the 200 are they not the best? Can you specify the year(s) you feel the best wasnt accurately represented?
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    There’s a rumor Kyle W will be running an n2 backed bike.
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  13. Oh trust me I get it which is why I said it’s hard to say no.
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    Good luck Josh. You seem to have plenty of gas left in the tank.
    I'll be rooting for the OG!
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    Where'd you hear that?
  16. Mongo

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    Just think of the extra boost getting out of the pit box :D
  17. Mongo

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    They don't, pretty sure the track itself does. Related but totally different companies.
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  18. Mongo

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    I actually thought about that but I'll never be as cool as Chocolate no matter my gas proclivities :D
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  19. backcountryme

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    Fair enough
  20. Doesn’t do you a lot of good when you get the updraft in your helmet and pass out going into T1 :)

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