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  1. Mongo

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    So everyone can plan accordingly - The 2018 Rulebook will be happening soon and we're working on the Vintage classes as well (see the thread in the Vintage section for details) however we do want to let everyone know we won't be running Heavyweight Twins Superstock or Formula 3 in 2018. The 125 GP bikes will be allowed into Clubman (for the old folks, just like when it was Formula Clubman before we split them) and LW Twins Superbike.

    We're looking at E Superstock to replace F3 at the Nationals The The HW Twins SS class will run at least one more year at VMD.

    The Triple Crown will be happening again and will have two class running at one, 1000 Superbike and 600 Superbike. On track same time, gridded by overall Q time (not in class Q time), scored/trophied/points separate. Not sure on any purse or the like yet but for anyone looking to attend a MotoAmerica race this is the absolute killer sneak in cheap deal with parking for your rv/trailer, paddock access, 3 passes along with your creds and so on. If you're going anyway it's cheaper than the regular gate even if you don't race... Also the Triple Crown may go to 4 rounds...still probably call it a Triple Crown because it makes me laugh.

    Updated January 16, 2018 to reflect changes with HWT.
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  2. KNickers

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    Bummer about HWT but understandable. I was going to drag the Buell out this year since the SV wasn't floating my boat. And I can't make it to VMD this year - argh!
  3. KNickers

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    One thought - add more of the older HWT machinery to B-sbk rulebook alongside the 1098 and 1125. 999's, Ape RSV1000 & Tuono. A lot of those don't meet the age requirement for V8H yet.
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  4. jimne245

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    Well, I don't understand.

    My 'plan accordingly' started in 2017 post Irma when I could not make Atlanta and duel with Stephen (who I believe bought a whole new machine for 2018) - not just today. I have committed funds to my program and sponsors only to find this out today from a text message no less. Apparently there is some conversation to this in Vintage, though I had no reason to look there for anything HWT related - much less about nix'ing the class - or until I find my unicorn 91/92 ZX7R. It certainly though sounds like several have committed to bikes and time for this class.

    HWT (at least SE/Atlantic) is always mixed in with some other class and no track time is lost; this cannot continue?
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    Have they gave you any event schedule for the Triple Crown races? The sample they sent out is full. I don't see a lot of free time, especially on Saturday. Also, will we be able to run the Stock 1000 race and the WERA race?

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  6. tawzx12r

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    I like the idea of two races within one for the Triple Crown...

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    Oh you gotta put This in General. No one looks in Announcements unless they hit “new posts”
  8. Mongo

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    HWT costs us more track time due to having to split classes or split it out. The machines all have a number of other classes they can run so it's not limiting anyone from racing.

    I'm sorry for the late notice.
  9. Mongo

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    Nothing yet and yes on running Stock I believe but it'll be the same practice limitations as last year. I'll get more details out once we have them.
  10. regularguy

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    Is Honda coming back to sponsor the triple crown? Curious to how the championship purse will be split, or if it will be an overall purse 600/1000 combined.
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  11. Mongo

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    I'm curious too. :crackup:

    We would do a split purse I believe but that's the bosses call.

    FWIW - once I figured out how much of a value this deal is I did advise the fees go up some, hoping to use the extra to help supplement the purse too but it'll depend on what the entry fee ends up being and we'll have to double check our costs from last year just to make sure we're covered on that end. Should be okay though and more bikes (with adding the 600's) means more to put towards a purse too.
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  12. Ruben Soto

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    I suggest we run one HWT class and call it OPEN TWINS like other racing organizations. That way we still open up some track time to other racers and races and we keep the twins competitive in their own class.
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  13. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne WERA 15

    Well, shit.
  14. BEi Racing

    BEi Racing Well-Known Member

    What are you bitching about? Do you even race anymore? :)
  15. ekraft84

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    Does that mean 675's are allowed in?
  16. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne WERA 15

    Not nearly as much as I would like to :(
  17. regularguy

    regularguy Always Krispy

    Since the remaining vintage races are getting rolled into the sprint schedule, are the solos gone?
  18. Mongo

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  19. noles19

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    So what is a ball park weekend schedule for none National races looking like?
    Double headers?
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  20. Mongo

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