2018 BMW HP4 RACE: Brand new 0 mileage clean title $55,000!

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Krypt RR, Jun 12, 2019.

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    What I'm getting at is for mere mortals, it's not really any different than the service interval for a stock motor. That's why I said to look at the race kit manuals for other OEM's, even the Japanese bikes need rebuilds around that time for race/track use if you go by the manufacture documentation. Here is a screenshot from when I had a CBR1000rr from the HRC manual. That's about as boring and vanilla a motor as you can get and it basically needs to be re-done every 3700 miles according to Honda. All the other OEM's are similar. So no, it's not any more of a headache than any other bike is. It's just that they are actually openly admitting what race use service intervals are. Some of the kit manuals are even listed in hours instead of miles. Now do normal people like us go years at a time between rebuilds? Sure, but we aren't WSBK riders.

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    My Aprilias are similar in service intervals between racing and street as well.
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    lol guess op never had a dirt bike motor with a hr meter on it
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    Whole lotta people commenting that have no interest in the bike. :crackup:I do appreciate y’all bumping up the post though.
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    Pending sale
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    Bike has been sold. Thanks.

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