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    WANABE RACER Well-Known Member

    so who has one and is racing one? What bodywork are you using, exhaust etc? Does anyone know for sure what will transfer over from previous gen for sure? I know someone has got to know something. lol
  2. Blue Junk

    Blue Junk Well-Known Member

    I built 2 last week, with a 3rd in process now. There's a fair amount that transfers. Wheels, forks and bodywork won't. Other that that, most everything else is good to go with little to no modification.

    *This is the very simple answer.

    WANABE RACER Well-Known Member

    I was afraid the wheels wouldn't work. So looking for spare wheels is goin to be expensive.
    I was pretty sure exhaust, rear shock n rear sets would transfer over.
    If you don't mind me asking what exhaust n bodywork did you use on the ones you built
  4. Blue Junk

    Blue Junk Well-Known Member

    We used New Graves exhaust on these bikes and Taylor Made bodywork.

    The shock will work but needs special attention depending on what you run.

    Wheels definitely won't work as the new bike needs the tone wheel for TC/electronics. You could modify older ones if you desired, I suppose...
  5. Shark Skinz has body work too but the waiting list is about 40 deep right now. They're shipping about 2 a week. I just called on Tuesday about getting 2 sets. You also need to provide your vin and sign an agreement that you won't let anyone copy them.
  6. Blue Junk

    Blue Junk Well-Known Member

    Seriously?? :crackup:
  7. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    have you guys monkeyed with the new ECU? I take it there are a host of different thinks to tamper with. :D
  8. Yeah, straight from the source. They own tight tails and they're also saying minimum of another 6 months for aluminum fairing stay/subframes. But closer to end of the year/beginning of next.

    WANABE RACER Well-Known Member

    Everything I have called on is like 4-8 weeks out so far
  10. rob linders

    rob linders Well-Known Member

    So I guess you just sell off the second set of bodywork to someone and who knows what they do with it?
  11. Blue Junk

    Blue Junk Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the 2 extra sets of bodywork we have is worth a fair bit...
  12. Blue Junk

    Blue Junk Well-Known Member

    Yes. These we're pretty full builds. We have flashed and tuned them, with active tune and
    QS/AutoBlip on them, including full abs delete. Basically a full compliments of FTEcu electronics.

    Third bike is waiting on wiring harness to have modifications. It will be a SS spec build.
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