2016 Zx6r/ zx636 race/track bike - $8,000 Ready to race

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by streeteg, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. streeteg

    streeteg Active Member

    6500. 7500 with the warmers & Generator
  2. Jeffrecodo

    Jeffrecodo Well-Known Member

    Any way youre headed back to west coast for cvma?
  3. streeteg

    streeteg Active Member

    I wish--- although I did road trip to move to the East coast--- I dont think I can make that ride through texas ever again. that took FOREVERRR
  4. streeteg

    streeteg Active Member

    been a while bumpo
  5. streeteg

    streeteg Active Member

    OK this is the pandemic has finally let up to the point where i feel like i can put attention to selling the bike again. Granted, its now the end of the season--- but fine--- ill still bump it. Anyone need a winter race ride for CVMA or something?
  6. Tj Hunter

    Tj Hunter Well-Known Member

    CVMA racing, is the bike out here or on the east coast?
  7. streeteg

    streeteg Active Member

    Its on the east coast but a good friend of mine does shipping so its not difficult for it to be out there
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  8. Michael C

    Michael C Active Member


    Would you be willing to sell the front wheel?

    Van looks pretty sweet. Ever manage to sell that beast? Feel free to PM. Thank you
  9. Bonnie636

    Bonnie636 New Member

    Hey dude! I'm interested in the bike. I'll DM you.
  10. streeteg

    streeteg Active Member

    OK Quick update--- I didn't think I would get as much interest as I did so a couple of quick clarifying notes.

    1- Bike is pending sale locally.
    2- It is stored in PA (I am in Brooklyn) and I will be heading down to get it all prepped for sale (Battery/tune up) on 10/8. I will update the thread if it goes through
    3- the price is 7k for the bike. (6500 was for the van)
    4- Parts/gear that don't sell will be available separately once the bike is gone (Warmers, generator, suits, boots, spares etc)

    Thanks again for all the interest!

  11. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

    Where in Pa is it stored?
  12. Pride & Joy

    Pride & Joy Well-Known Member

    Nice, well played. :)
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  13. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

    Whereas I can see how that may have come off, if it was local to me and in a storage unit I was going to offer the OP the use of my garage and tools to do whatever work he needed to.
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  14. streeteg

    streeteg Active Member

    Lol - Its in East PA :)

    Deposit was left last week and the bike is pending sale. If there are spares leftover I will ping this thread.

  15. dy0318

    dy0318 Member

  16. nicholae

    nicholae Well-Known Member

    Bike available?
  17. nicholae

    nicholae Well-Known Member

    Bike still for sale?
  18. Keem

    Keem Member

    Did this sell ?
  19. Jose Santiago

    Jose Santiago Member

    Bike for sale still?!
  20. Trizzle29

    Trizzle29 Member

    I’m interested. Sending you PM

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