2016- ZX10r parts. AIM, OZ, OHLINS, ATTACK, Brembo

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Joser, May 20, 2020.

  1. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    All of the parts listed below are BNIB and never mounted. Was going to build a bad ass bike, but decided to hang it up for a while. I can quote shipping FedEx or UPS ground from my own account to your address.

    The graves cat eliminator exhaust was custom made a bit longer to match the works can and accept a DB killer (included), so if you ride at tracks with a sound limit.

    I have a full set of CRC bodywork never mounted, but painted, matching fuel tank, and spare swingarm available.

    Message me for specific pictures or questions. All items are located in Phoenix, AZ. I will update the list as items sell.

    AIM MKX10 Dash $1,025.00 Shipped
    OZ GASS Wheels Black $2,150.00 Actual Shipping
    Vortex Rearsets (RS403K) $340.00 Shipped
    MSS Linkage $360.00 Shipped
    Ohlins KA468 TTX GP Shock $1,225.00 Actual Shipping
    Accossato Quick Throttle (red) $160.00 Shipped
    Brembo RCS 17mm (110A26340) $275.00 Shipped
    Brake adj (Zeta) $60.00 Shipped
    Attack Tripple Clamps $850.00 Shipped
    Vortex Clipons $125.00 Shipped
    TWM fuel cap $85.00 Shipped
    Custom Graves Exhaust w/ DB killer $ 650.00 Actual Shipping
    Vesrah ZZ Racing Brake pads $125.00 Shipped (each. two sets avil)
    Lightend Rear Rotor (SBU) $80.00 Shipped
    GB Racing Protection Bundle $350.00 Shipped
    Graves Block off plates $35.00 Shipped
    MWR WSBK Filter $200.00 Shipped
    Woodcraft Key eliminator $50.00 Shipped
    Ohlins Manual Stabalizer $350.00 Shipped
    APEX Switches (buttons) $400.00 Shipped
    Ohlins Forks FGRT 225 $2,150.00 Actual Shipping
    Carbon Fiber Velocity Stacks $350.00 Shipped
    Light Tech Axle adj $250.00 Shipped
    Cox Radiator Guard $80.00 Shipped
    CRC Superbike Radiator Shroud $60.00 Shipped
    RP Screenz Double Bubble and Screen Bolt Kit $100.00 Shipped
    Stomp Grip $45.00 Shipped
    PSR Black Filler Cap $20.00 Shipped
    PSR Drain Plug Blue $15.00 Shipped
    Carbonin carbon fiber frame guards $220.00 Shipped
    Pack of 20 DZUES Fasteners $25 Shipped
    MSS Regulator Rectifier Bracket $ 35.00 Shipped


    20200519_111623_resized.jpg 20200519_111002_resized.jpg
  2. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    Accosatto Throttle-sold
    Motoholders fairing stay-sold
    MSS Rectifier Relocator-sold
  3. Newyork

    Newyork Dip Mode

    Are the dzus fasteners the quick turn d-ring ones?

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  4. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

  5. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    Dzus fasteners sold.
  6. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    TWM fuel cap and Stomp Grip sold.
  7. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    I listed some of this stuff on Ebay.....So take 10% off any of the prices listed (fee I have to pay on ebay).
    Open to reasonable offers, stuff is just sitting here.
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  8. Steve750r

    Steve750r Well-Known Member

    Very good seller. Parts are literally brand spankin new.
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  9. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    Vesrah pads and Brembo RCS sold
  10. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    Forks sold
  11. tibofew

    tibofew Well-Known Member

    Still have the stacks? What brand are they?
  12. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    Still have, Motomaxx (see on SBU website)
  13. DutchWorksMoto

    DutchWorksMoto Well-Known Member

    Adding to the great seller feedback, shipped immediately and parts are new as communicated. Thanks!

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  14. WERA#190

    WERA#190 Well-Known Member

    Joser! Looked on eBay couldn’t find any of your stuff for sale! Have a link?
  15. ryanizer

    ryanizer Active Member

    Rear rotor still available?
  16. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    Yes, rear rotor still available.
  17. Mauricio Roque

    Mauricio Roque Active Member

    Interested in the following items:

    Lightend Rear Rotor
    Brake adj
    CRC Superbike Radiator Shroud

    Let me know if you still have it, and price with shipping to FL (Zip 33182)

    Also, Im looking for Aftermarket front rotors . Did you planed to use OEM Front rotors?
    Let me know

  18. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    I will check the prices and get back to you today.
    I was just going to use the stock rotors, I did not get any aftermarket ones.
  19. Mauricio Roque

    Mauricio Roque Active Member

    Hello there.
    Any news?
  20. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    Sorry, spaced it on Friday. $180 shipped for the three items (Rotor, ADJ, Shroud).

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