2016- ZX10r parts. AIM, OZ, OHLINS, ATTACK, Brembo

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    All of the parts listed below are BNIB and never mounted. Was going to build a bad ass bike, but decided to hang it up for a while. I can quote shipping FedEx or UPS ground from my own account to your address.

    The graves cat eliminator exhaust was custom made a bit longer to match the works can and accept a DB killer (included), so if you ride at tracks with a sound limit.

    I have a full set of CRC bodywork never mounted, but painted, matching fuel tank, and spare swingarm available.

    Message me for specific pictures or questions. All items are located in Phoenix, AZ. I will update the list as items sell.

    AIM MKX10 Dash $1,025.00 Shipped
    OZ GASS Wheels Black $2,150.00 Actual Shipping
    Vortex Rearsets (RS403K) $340.00 Shipped
    MSS Linkage $360.00 Shipped
    Ohlins KA468 TTX GP Shock $1,225.00 Actual Shipping
    Accossato Quick Throttle (red) $160.00 Shipped
    Brembo RCS 17mm (110A26340) $275.00 Shipped
    Brake adj (Zeta) $60.00 Shipped
    Attack Tripple Clamps $850.00 Shipped
    Vortex Clipons $125.00 Shipped
    TWM fuel cap $85.00 Shipped
    Custom Graves Exhaust w/ DB killer $ 650.00 Actual Shipping
    Vesrah ZZ Racing Brake pads $125.00 Shipped (each. two sets avil)
    Lightend Rear Rotor (SBU) $80.00 Shipped
    GB Racing Protection Bundle $350.00 Shipped
    Graves Block off plates $35.00 Shipped
    MWR WSBK Filter $200.00 Shipped
    Woodcraft Key eliminator $50.00 Shipped
    Ohlins Manual Stabalizer $350.00 Shipped
    APEX Switches (buttons) $400.00 Shipped
    Ohlins Forks FGRT 225 $2,150.00 Actual Shipping
    Carbon Fiber Velocity Stacks $350.00 Shipped
    Light Tech Axle adj $250.00 Shipped
    Cox Radiator Guard $80.00 Shipped
    CRC Superbike Radiator Shroud $60.00 Shipped
    RP Screenz Double Bubble and Screen Bolt Kit $100.00 Shipped
    Stomp Grip $45.00 Shipped
    PSR Black Filler Cap $20.00 Shipped
    PSR Drain Plug Blue $15.00 Shipped
    Carbonin carbon fiber frame guards $220.00 Shipped
    Pack of 20 DZUES Fasteners $25 Shipped
    MSS Regulator Rectifier Bracket $ 35.00 Shipped


    20200519_111623_resized.jpg 20200519_111002_resized.jpg
  2. Joser

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    Accosatto Throttle-sold
    Motoholders fairing stay-sold
    MSS Rectifier Relocator-sold
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    Are the dzus fasteners the quick turn d-ring ones?

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  5. Joser

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    Dzus fasteners sold.
  6. Joser

    Joser Well-Known Member

    TWM fuel cap and Stomp Grip sold.

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